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Before we go any further, I want to Provide Americans a solution for all of this: Iceland IMPRISONS BANKERS and rebuilds ECONOMY (With VOLITION, it can be done here)

Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis

In today’s turbulent political climate, there are many PARTIES seeking to align themselves with the disenchanted American Populace for the sake of their own INHERENT SURVIVAL.  The world is now in its strongest transitional point, and it is important that we don’t repeat the same mistakes, otherwise we will find ourselves in a much worse position than before…there can be NO MORE COMPROMISES as we press forward in PEACE.  We must get PAST the two party-paradigm.  Each party has sunk this country into the ground, and trust me, Ron Paul will be nothing but a “Bait and Switch” candidate.  He’s saying all the same things Obama did in 2008 because he’s aware that this is the popular time to say them.  Are we willing to let it happen YET AGAIN???  AND YES… Ron Paul, consistently voted against the Fed for the past 30 years, but, did it ever occur to you that he might have an agenda of his own and an actual planted reason for doing so?  Is that really so hard to believe after everything that we know???  I assure you, when Ron Paul takes office…HE WILL NOT GET RID OF THE FED.  In fact, he will re-tweak federal guidelines to make the squeeze even tighter.  I’ll be brief since this is NOT about Ron Paul.  1. He will reform federal guidelines 2. He will claim that because the printing of money has gotten out of control, we will NEED to replace it. 3. We will go to a cashless, global society. 4. They will require that you have either a chip, or a card to buy or sell. 5. If you do not take the chip, you can no longer participate in the economy.  Ron Paul even stated that he had no aspirations of dissolving the fed right away.  BE CAREFUL.  NONE OF THEM CAN BE TRUSTED.  They must be weeded out an imprisoned.  This means every banker, ceo, and politician that had ANYTHING to do with the collapse.

—NOW—TO MR. OBAMA—————————————————————————————————————

I am noticing that Mr. Obama thinks that by appealing to the movement and using language which almost appears empathetic,  that he will be able to somehow gain support, and swing voters his direction by pretending that he’s been on our side all along. -He’s not on YOUR SIDE.  He’s on HIS side. And even if that means lying to the American public to temporarily pacify them until he secures office, he’ll do that VERY THING and then unleash the dogs because after re-election…THERE’S NOTHING LEFT FOR HIM TO LOSE.  Get it???

Mr. Obama attempting to empathize with OWS

ADDRESSING OBAMA: I want to say right now that, Mr. Obama, you couldn’t be more INCORRECT about this issue.  You’ve been pegged as the bought off snake that you are and there are too many paper trails which illuminate your connections and the people YOU have supported ALL ALONG.  You and Mr. Soros will be very lucky if you’re not in prison for the remainder of your lives by the time this is over and done with.  I WILL EXPEND ALL RESOURCES LETTING THE WORLD KNOW WHO YOU ARE MY FRIEND.

Don’t ever forget what this man has done to this NATION.

P.S. as one reads through these links, understand that the reasons for adding the information regarding the Sodomy/Bestiality bill is because of its inherent timing with the passage of the NDAA and indefinite detention act.  Each bill was passed a day or so apart.Not long at all.

In other words, there may be ulterior motives for the passage of this bill that exists outside the progressive thought processes that most “liberals” attach to them.  While you celebrate the idea that Obama is attempting to give out equal rights to make the U.S. a more “progressive nation,” the military has just now been given full access to treat you and your family in any way that they deem fit…this includes ALL ACCESS to your children, your wives, YOUR PETS, and your own body.  (Martial Law is the suspension of the constitution.  Therefore when it occurs…ALL BETS ARE OFF, and if they decide to take FULL advantage of you while in custody, you have no legal grounds in which to fight back.)  If you don’t believe me, go to Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib and interview those poor people who were raped, tortured, and sodomized with very brutal objects while the military took pictures with demonic smiles, posing with dead bodies and stacks of naked prisoners piled on top of each other.  -Yep, that was the U.S. military that did that.  Do you believe that you’ll somehow be an exception?  That they’ll suddenly stop acting like animals just because you were born in this country?  Even worse…what if they choose a U.N. military force instead?  Yep, what if they bring in foreign troops into this country who don’t care about you and have nothing vested in providing you safety?  –Be CAREFUL in whom you place your faith– BE VERY CAREFUL…

These bills were also passed just after or during the fall of Gaddaffi in Libya.  And if you recall, the people who captured him also tortured and sodomized him on national television.  Yep, it was the The Muslim Brotherhood.  Not only were they rewarded with weapons and monetary gain from the U.S., they were also given complete control over the Libyan Government which installed Shariah Law and opened the gates of hell against the Libyan Civilian Population.  If one were industrious enough, one could easily find information which shows just how bad the Libyan people are now suffering.  Libya was once a growing and booming country with a stable population and a very high HDI (Human Development Index) as recorded by the United Nations.  It wasn’t until Goldman And Sachs stole BILLIONS upon BILLIONS from the Libyan Government and Gaddaffi himself, did Gaddaffi turn against the U.S. by attempting to unite Northern Africa under the Gold Standard via “Dinar.”  -That’s right…this news is actually ancient history.  Goldman and Sachs did to Libya the VERY same thing that they are doing against the American people…but all TOO often, the American people REFUSE to research things well enough to come to the truth of why war occurs within global politics.  -Its never about fighting for someone else’s freedom…ITS ALWAYS ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR and absolute CONTROL.  It amazes me that all of this stuff culminates at roughly the same time, but, the majority of Americans still cannot make the connection between their failing economy, and that of the rest of the world.  Somehow, they think that they’re in some sort of impenetrable bubble where the outside world has no bearing on what occurs within the U.S. itself.  -Its very strange the way that Americans perceive things-

Here is a small list of reasons not to vote for Barack Obama in 2012:

Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military

Obama Passes Laws To Protect Pedophiles

The Types in Which Barack Obama Ensures Safety And Amnesty…

PETA bugged over bestiality in the military

US Senate To Vote On Bill That Will Allow The Military To Arrest Americans On American Soil And Hold Them Indefinitely


Obama insists on indefinite detention of Americans

Obama raises more money from Banking Cartels than any other candidate…

Barack Obama\’s Top Contributors. ( Keep in mind, this is the money that could be directly tracked from Obama’s campaign)

Obama gives foreign Corporation BP control over Gulf of Mexico and control over Coast Guard

Obama Signs in \”Preventative Detention and Approves Pre-Crime against American Citizens\”

Obama\’s further affiliations with Goldman and Sachs

Obama Administration Provides Amnesty for Pedophile Priests

Obama\’s Buddy, Tony Hayward sells off BP stocks before Deepwater Horizon Disaster

PRE-CRIME now LEGAL and Realized…

Homeland Security going ahead with Pre-Crime

Obama’s abysmal record on civil liberties

Without congressional approval or motions in the Senate, Obama sends death squads to Uganda

U.S. Citizen murdered without trial or arrest

Obama expands patriot act after telling Americans he would do away with it…

Lawmakers suing Obama over Libya

Obama Administration Arms Mexican Drug Lords (Zetas)

Obama attempts False Flag blaming Iran for attempted \”Saudi Embassador\” assassination plot. Saudi Arabia expresses doubts.

Fox News Accuses Federal Government of Terrorism (An unprecedented move by them)

Busted Mr. President, WE BELIEVE IRAN

President Barack Obama Keeps Guantanamo Bay OPEN

Obama\’s crackdown against state laws and medical marijuana

Goldman and Sachs buys off Obama

Obama caving into corporations again…

Obama threatens social security

Why is Obama Proposing MORE Corporate Tax Cuts?

Obama raises 43 Million for…

Obama plans corporate tax cuts in year of RECORD PROFITS

Obama buses in Fake Clean Up Crews for Photo Op

Obama Approves Al Qaeda Embassy In Washington (I can\’t write this stuff)

Libyan Rebel force is an Al Qaeda affiliate according to the U.N.

Obama employs AL Qaeda to do U.S. Bidding (Remember Russia during the 80\’s?)

Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy employ Al Qaeda (CIAda) to murder Libyans

Obamination\’s Broken Promises, look with your own two eyes…

Great list of Obamanation\’s broken promises…

More BROKEN promises…

Obama\’s continued FAILED policies and promises…

No stimulus for U.S. Citizens, but, all the relief in the world for Corporations

Here\’s the clincher…OBAMA allows Bank of America and JP Morgan to destroy the World.

Obama openly tells the Bankers that he will protect them…

New Obama Foreclosure Plan Helps Banks At Taxpayers\’ Expense

Obama Administration Urged to Stop Funding Child Soldiers

Obama allowing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to monopolize all of the mortages

Obama ensures Sharia Law In Libya…

Internet Censorship, Senate Democrats Block Vote To Overturn FCC Internet Regulations

DHS, Social Security, National Weather Service order Hollow Point Rounds (Alex Jones, but, it provides real links)

Social Security orders Hollow Point Rounds. (Alex Jones, but, it provides the real links)

DHS refuses to explain Hollow Point Purchase

Joe Biden hooks his friend up with 20 million dollars of Tax Payers Money

Soldier Suicide Rates At An All Time High

Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are The Same Candidate…

The Government for which ALL candidates have bowed to…

Obama’s Kill List…

Obama’s Lawyer Admits Birth Certificate Forgery…

1001 reasons not to vote for Barack Obama

Obama has empowered the Federal Government’s ability to outbid American Businesses…

Obama’s empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama and the UN gun treaty…

A popular theory about Obama and Gun Control. -If one were to research this, one might find MUCH information supporting it…

Under Obama Administration, Goldman and Sachs WALK FREE OF ALL WRONGDOING regarding COLLAPSE

Obama Appoints Monsanto Vice President As Senior Advisor to FDA…Couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Obama’s List of ILLEGAL Executive Orders…(Bypassing Congress)

Obama GIVES away Alaskan Islands and Oil Reserves to Russia…(While America is diving financially)

U.S. under Obama sells 1.5 million tons of American corn to Mexico during the worst drought in U.S. history.

Emergency meeting called by U.S. in response to U.S. drought.

U.S. backed Syrian Army is Al Qaeda…FUNDED BY OBAMA

Debt grows by 11 Trillion under Obama…

Obamacare mandates the sterilization of American girls 15 and under without parental consent…

Banks are legally able to take money from customers unmolested. Thanks Obama…

State Department purges Religious Freedom from its Human Rights Reports…

Fast And Furious Eliminates Competition Against U.S. Federal Government…

More Fast and Furious. ATF used F.F. to make case for gun regulations…

Obama tries to limit military voting…

Obama wants to limit military voting rights…

Obama pays illegal immigrants to live in U.S.

DOJ moving ahead with Gun Control Measures…

Obama Hires Al Qaeda to fight against Syrian Government…


Obama supported businesses payout to wealthy executives…

Another Obama Bankruptcy

Instant Bankruptcy after Obama mentions business in speech…

Obama suggests that his supporters give their wedding gifts to Obama’s campaign…

Obama tells supporters that if HE LOSES, its the fault of the supporters…

Delaying policies until after elections…

Israel delays strike on Iran until after American Elections…(Obama)

Obama Waits Until After Elections To Layoff Pentagon Workers

Tarp delayed until after the Election

Bin Laden Movie Delayed Until After Election

Obama Delays Pipeline Decision Until After Election

Department of Labor Postpones Mass Layoffs Until After Obama Election

Russian Human Rights Reform Postponed Until After American Elections

Greek Exit Of Euro Delayed Until After Obama Election

Palestinians Must Avoid Statehood Bid Until After Election

Obama Protects Countries That Use Child Soldiers…

Obama’s advisors recommend “Death Panels.”

SCIU pays $11hr to protest Mitt Romney

House Democrats Oppose Auditing The Federal Reserve

New Subprime Crisis Manifests as Tuition Goes Into Default

Poor Business/Fiscal/Social Policies cause Succession of Sioux Indians…

More attempts for Obama to Fund the Muslim Brotherhood

White House Caught Lying About Benghazi Attack

Obama wants to OUTSOURCE more jobs.

Obama resorting to using “Madonna” for his campaign…

Obama is Monsanto’s #1 Lobbyist…

American Middle and Poor Class Income Drops Dramatically Under Obama OWNED by Chinese Government

Obama Soliciting Campaign Money From Foreign Nationals


This section needs to be grouped together…Obama recently remarked that he wants to do with American manufacturing what he did with General Motors.  Which means…sending our jobs, and our MONEY to China.  Take a REALLY good look…

General Motors = China Motors


Through China, GM sets sales record

U.S. Manufacturing according to Obamanomics…

General Motors headed for BANKRUPTCY AGAIN…

Barack Obama Monstanto’s NUMBER ONE LOBBYIST.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, they’re all the same.  If you support the two-party system, you will always come out with a worse result than where you began.  We have given them their chances.  It must end now.  They must be removed and we must have the courage to rebuild like our Icelandic brethren.  Its time to LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES.  By participating in their elections or voting for the big 2 (Dems/Repubs), we are submitting ourselves to accepting the RULES THAT THEY CAN BEND OR BREAK whenever it suits them.  Its time to create a new paradigm.

Thank you…

LOVE, Michael


Jon Stewart Mocks Atheist Protest Of World Trade Center Cross (VIDEO)

John Stewart show

Now to me, its all a joke as I subscribe to NO religion, No organized belief, and NO REASON to align myself with either side of the isle…because as far as I’m concerned THEY’RE BOTH WRONG.  This is more of the media doing their level best to keep Americans divided instead of united on issues; and, religion apparently is one of the more favorite, and most divisive TOOLS/VICES that NEVER SEEMS TO FAIL…despite our amazing access to information and education.  Apparently, Stewart feels the same way I do concerning the behavior displayed by this new religion.  By the way, Stewart himself is an ADMITTED ATHEIST.

You have to admit, the religion of “Atheism” is beginning to get aggressive and nearly as ridiculous, IF NOT MORE SO, as the previously established religions before it.  As I see it, a TRUE Atheist would be an individual that is not affected by the idea of a God versus a Non-God, nor would it be an issue because its not something that would even engage them on a peripheral level because it simply, “does not exist.”  However, Atheism  is now one of the most aggressive and ego-based religions which claim their own intellectual superiority based on the monotheistic or multi-deistic faiths that they DO NOT BELIEVE.  Catch 22…in their failed logic, they seem to forget that their entire belief system ONLY exists as a counterpoint to the religions that THEY DENY.  And by bringing more attention to themselves, they bring attention towards, AND REINFORCE, the very dogmas that they seek to destroy in themselves and others.  (Chess can be quite deceptive…EVEN TO THE PLAYER WHO BELIEVES THEMSELVES IN CONTROL.)  Isn’t it amazing how intellectualism, or,  someone who prides themselves on being educated and uplifted by the standards of other monkeys, has been one of the quickest paths to the doorway of the ego?  As if validity from the collective has ever been something that is represented as TRUTH.  How I could count the ways that society has been mistaken as a result of falsely engineered, pre-built belief structures incurred by the limited thinking of mankind, only for only later to be proven wrong by the devices of their own creations…example: “The World is Flat.”  Many use this analogy as a point of reference for those who shut their minds to higher possibilities.  WHY???  Because its effective and demonstrates how an entire movement of incorrect thinking can influence the minds of CONTINENTS.  In fact, in the past, if one were to have challenged this belief system, they could have found themselves on the wrong end of a guillotine.  -That’s how powerful BELIEF, whether RIGHT OR WRONG can be…

-I will be the first to admit, that some of the Atheistic foundations of “belief,” as it were, have points of validity.  But, until the Atheists themselves can come forward and admit that they don’t have the locks on reality as they claim, then BELIEF IS their ONLY foundation for support, because the “Scientific community” is learning more and more that things aren’t as they appear.  I post examples of this nearly daily to weekly on my Facebook page.  Those who depend on science to sculpt their realities and thinking processes will ALWAYS be behind the curve of Universal thought.

Now, lets delve into the psychology of the angry, psychologically, and intellectually superior “Atheist.” -If you find yourself having an angry response to the terminology used here, then you might actually QUALIFY as the above-described individual…as Atheists have NO PROBLEM in returning  language such as this, AND WORSE, in their race to judge the sanity, intellect, and awareness of free-thinking individuals.  Yes…we are all WELCOME to believe what we CHOOSE to believe without the added judgments of those who feel themselves QUALIFIED to attach their own personal labels to our essence.  -And then you must ask…AM I, THE AUTHOR, DOING THE SAME THING???  -Not exactly.-  Rather, I am demonstrating the inconsistencies within an ideology which seeks to AGAIN to displace, and then pass judgment on the ideologies of others without entertaining the full-spectrum of TRUTHS born from BOTH.

Often, you will find Atheists taking up positions of superiority, very much like those with a Christian mindset who have never read anything of historical quality beyond the Bible itself.  In fact, much of the Atheist mindset is one which often chooses the position of, “Devil’s advocate,” against the bible rather than support their theories with actual scientific discoveries which would provide contradictory evidence to the religion in which they disagree.   To further this point, the majority of Atheism’s points of reference regarding arguments against religion isn’t substantiated by science or mathematics, rather, they tend to focus on the inconsistencies within “the bible itself,” which shows the stuck mind-set of Atheists and Theists alike.

For instance:  Do you sit and complain every day of your life that kids still believe in Santa Claus despite the fact that we know it to be a BOLDFACED LIE???  Is this something that eats you up to the point where you need to organize and create groups in order to destroy it?  Nope, for the most part, no one gives Santa a second thought until the time of year comes to once again to pretend in his existence for the sake of all the “good little children.”

The Atheist argument against my last statement would be:  But Mike, those who believe in Santa aren’t affecting the way that we perceive the world.  Santa believers don’t lobby, nor do they have an influence in world politics.

My answer:  Really?  Santa doesn’t shape the way that you live, or perceive the world?  Well…how about the many Walt Disney movies made and specifically designed to instill the belief of Santa Claus in your children?  How about all of the commercials that you and your family are bombarded with each year which not only influence the choices of gifts made by your children, but also influence the choices you make when purchasing for other loved-ones?  How about the fact that you must BUDGET every year to ensure that your children get “The gifts of their choice?” Better yet, how about the fact that two, sometimes 3 months before Christmas even begins, you’re hearing commercials on the radio and seeing advertisements REMINDING you to get prepared to SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY for the Holidays?  If you think Santa hasn’t somehow affected the reality that you perceive, then you’re delusional.  ISN’T IT AMAZING HOW MUCH A MYTH, OR A LIE, CAN COMPLETELY CONTROL THE WAY THAT YOUR WORLD OPERATES?  You might want to give some deeper thought into that last question.

Atheist Response: The next maneuver here is for the Atheist to remind me that the very day we celebrate as Christmas is based entirely upon the birth of Christ, henceforth making Christmas a Christian Holiday.  First, as most Atheists are already aware of…we have no proof that Christ was born on this day.  Secondly, if Christmas were truly based on Christ, then wouldn’t he be the POPULAR guy with endless gifts riding the sleigh of reindeer while scaling people’s chimneys and getting ripped on eggnog?  Instead, Christ is rarely mentioned during this Western Holiday and Christmas has turned into a celebration of the material which is everything that Christ stood against.

But, lets see how the BIBLE depicted Jesus’s stance on trade and material possessions…

-Mathew 21:12-
“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.”

-Mathew 19:21- A man of wealth asks Jesus what he would need to do in order to enter the kingdom of heaven:

Jesus said unto him, “If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.”

Jesus realized the perverse nature of commerce because it is based around GREED and SELF-INTEREST.  I highly doubt that if Jesus came back today that he would be too pleased to find that his “supposed birthday” became about a fat guy in a red suit all souped up on something strong enough to make his reindeer fly in the sky and deliver children material possessions through a chimney.  Whatever Christmas currently represents (PROFIT) has nothing to do with the supposed “Christian Holiday,” in which is was born; but the sad part is this, MOST CHRISTIANS CELEBRATE IT AS SUCH and readily accept this modern perversion of the birth of their supposed, “God.”  Hypocrisy can be found in every religion, institution, and BELIEF and unfortunately, the bad now outweighs the good.


Nonetheless, back to Atheism.

Today’s Atheist appears to be a “CLOSET THEIST,” who simply chose to reject the control and confusion instilled upon them by organized religion. If there in fact is no God in existence, then TRULY, there’s nothing to RAGE AGAINST, therefore, nothing to think about. Consider the individual who ALWAYS uses derogatory language against something that they supposedly deplore. Just like a monkey beating on his chest or like a peacock during the mating ritual, they will make a display so that everyone knows that they are the loudest, strongest, and the most staunch enemy of their chosen object of hatred.  Then comes that unfortunate day where EVERYONE FINDS OUT THAT THIS POOR VICTIM OF EGO WAS THE VERY ENEMY THAT THIS PERSON PREACHED MOST AGAINST…it happens EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY. ( examples: Rep. Foley, Televangelists, Pedophile Priests.  I could use other names besides Foley, but the list is too long).  Any time you expend energy in the process of hate, you are subject to becoming the very thing that you despise.  So, you might as well live and let live.

Despite the “Closet Theist’s” inherent hatred of the existence of religion, they seem to be some of the most educated when it comes to religion itself as they were either previous believers, or intellectuals who purposefully learned the path of their perceived “enemies,” for biblical ammunition in debate.  These are the types who study the bible for the expressed purpose of dominating others in religious or theological discussions.  I too am guilty of this logic in the fact that I have learned religion for the sake of pointing out inconsistencies, but, that is where the similarities end.  And although I am a nonbeliever of religion as a viable source to explain our creator, I have no personal Atheist claims or affiliation.  I do believe in a master creator of this particular Matrix, however, religion has absolutely failed in its attempt to explain it and has established a system for spiritual control rather than of collective freedom and liberation.  As it were, many Atheists are usually as equally familiar with DOCTRINE as are the “fundamentalists” in whom they disagree. If nothing else, simply by studying the “faith” and committing words to memory, they have “ACCEPTED” and have been “INFECTED” from this programming whether they are consciously aware of it or not; thereby making them just as susceptible and suggestible as anyone whom they view are trapped within “ignorance” from adhering to religion.  If one were to really contemplate the depth of this, they would understand that this would explain why the behavior of these Atheists are no different than that of which they despise…their belief systems are trapped in the exact same roots of confusion that their Christian predecessors are.   In fact, Atheists would have no cause or right to complain at all if the religions in which they DON’T BELIEVE IN, didn’t exist.  The existence of Atheism is totally dependent upon the existence of organized religion.  One could not survive without the other.

Atheism is becoming organized now. Atheism is seeking to influence and infiltrate the functioning of our Government as another special interest group in the very fashion of the Religions that they so vehemently despise. Since Atheism is an ideology, I must ask…with the behavior we just witnessed in the above link, what separates them as being more “socially evolved,” as they tend to believe, than any other religion seeking to control the thoughts and actions of a society?

If you ask me, its rare to ever see a true practitioner of any ideology.  WHY?  Because all ideologies have been created, and then subsequently INFECTED by the impurities of mankind and faulty interpretations.

We will never know the fullest scale of the grand functioning within the Universe as long as we remain in a finite matrix which sells us the illusion of death, but, to me…an Atheist is the equivalent to a flea which constantly denies the existence of the dog.  You are a living, breathing example of both creation and evolution.  You are special, but, no more special than those who share your existence.  And, if they share this existence with you, then their point of view must be heard and respected, whether right or wrong.  Do not attempt to control how people view the world or take away their faith unless you can provide them PROOF of something more tangible and REAL.  The Universe gave us all free will, and limiting someone else’s free will goes against the very wishes of the self aware engine in which created it.  The idea of personal freedom should exist within your personal mainframe whether you believe in God or not.