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The Primer: Gadaffi attempts to begin the Gold Standard, Oil ain\’t bad either…

Libya Holding HUGE Gold Reserves

The Battle For Libya Is Almost Over… As Is The Battle For Its 144 Tons Of Gold

Too many people believe that the removal of Gadaffi was a benevolent act taken on by NATO and America to liberate the Libyan people for the mere purposes of being NICE GUYS (shaking head).  For the record, once you understand what TRULY happened with Gadaffi, you’ll find out that it boiled down to economics, gold, and oil.  Realistically, DID YOU REALLY BELIEVE IT COULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE?  The days of the valiant and morally provoked cowboy are over.  In fact, IT WAS A MYTH TO BEGIN WITH.  If you have tons of time to go through some very pertinent information and details, then I will provide this…


If not: just keep reading.  The above link is VERY LONG AND VERY THOROUGH. 

So, some people have asked me, “If Gadaffi was such a good guy-Why were the people protesting???  Interestingly enough, they never think to ask the same question of Obama.  Isn’t that Ironic?  I mean, technically, our nation would appear, to the outside observer, to have lost legitimacy…and now we have a president running around recklessly assassinating people.

First and foremost, I never claimed that Gadaffi was a “good guy,” but I do claim that the U.N. DID let him on the council as a result of his excellent human rights track record as well as his brilliant approach to his economy…HE HAD A HUGE SURPLUS. Here’s the TRUTH as provided by numerous, and reputable sources.

In 2009 Libya had the highest HDI in Africa (HDI=HUMAN DEVELOPMENT INDEX) and the fourth highest GDP (PPP) per capita in Africa, behind Seychelles, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon. Libya has the 10th-largest proven oil reserves of any country in the world and the 17th-highest petroleum production. (sources:Libya, Highest HDI in Africa)

Libya Wikipedia. The sources are impeccable. Check the bottom of the page to find them.

United Nations Human Rights Report on Libya/Gadaffi Jan 2011

Libyan Development, U.N.

Now, how’s that for some PROPAGANDA??? There’s more proof RIGHT THERE than anything we saw from the Obama Administration for reasons to attack, was simply just another FABRICATION to rob yet another country for oil.  The ABOVE LINK, was OBVIOUSLY BEFORE Gadaffi’s Economy Caved in Because of Goldman and Sachs.  At this point, he was still “one of the boys,” who THOUGHT he was pursuing LEGITIMACY for his nation.  But, I guess he wasn’t aware that to seek legitimacy from a system which churns FAULTY POLITICS, is the equivalent of making the BLIND be able to see.

Now personally, I believe that he had to be doing SOMETHING right to have had so many successes in his 41 years of reign with very little intervention, let alone Western.  Ironically though, it wasn’t until all these economies dropped ar0und the world did Gadaffi have problems with people protesting in his 42nd year. (6X6+6)  Here’s a guy who went 42 years, didn’t involve himself in the business of others (not usually) and was not a part of any continued war machine.  He created stability and was actually well loved by his people.

But, here’s the answer to the above question regarding the “rioting discontent of the people,” — Because their economy had failed along with Spain’s, Greece’s, Egypt’s, and the rest of the Arab Spring.  Why did this happen??? –GOLDMAN AND SACHS RAN THE SAME SCHEME ON THOSE COUNTRIES AS THEY HAD DONE TO THE UNWITTING AND OFTEN EASILY FOOLED AMERICAN PUBLIC.–  GOLDMAN AND SACHS took LIBYAN money, bet against their economy, and sunk the entire Northern African front.  Is it any wonder why the entirety of Northern Africa, including Egypt and other countries like Spain and Greece are protesting right along with Americans?  1+1=???

You see, third world countries aren’t as rich as Westernized nations, therefore, when they get ripped off, they can’t skate by on the “illusion of wealth” like we have, nor can they THREATEN others into submission the same way that America does.  The Autocrats were no longer able to provide goods for their people because their economy DIED, meaning, the WELL WAS DRY. -NOTHING TO GIVE.  Seriously folks, he ran the country for 42 years without much of a peep, and then conveniently, AFTER HE HAD the LONGEST RUN as an Autocrat, he just simply decided one day to start killing his people. -Has EVERYONE lost what’s left of their minds??? Can no one link in their minds why the ENTIRE WORLD is out protesting at the same time?  Do you really believe that over in the Middle East it would be any different than for America, Spain, The UK, Greece, The ENTIRE ARAB SPRING, Japan, Australia…etc???  Remember…THE ECONOMY IS GLOBAL.  Therefore, its more than likely that if its failing here and there are people in the streets protesting, that its ALSO probably failing in Africa were the situations are much more unstable, The Middle East, The UK, and all places who are dependent upon Fractional Reserve Banking.  What makes their protest any different from ours??? NOTHING. (Remember, all of those countries in Africa are COLONIES of France, Great Britain, and technically, whether you’d like to believe it or not…AMERICA.  (It amazes me how many people do not know history, which makes it very dangerous when information is disseminated and they are not educated enough to discern FACT FROM FICTION.) –Here’s the fiction–“That America is liberating Libya from a dangerous Autocrat.”

Seriously folks…what’s more realistic?  That they were liberating the Libyan people in a place that, just conveniently has one of the largest oil reserves in Africa?  Or…that they were just going after the OIL???  And…IF THEY WERE DOING THINGS JUST TO BE NICE GUYS…WHY NOT SIERRA LEONE?  How about Ethiopia?  Those people live in horrid conditions and corruption is RAMPANT.  Libyans were living WELL

Well, if we’re doing everything for NOBLE REASONS, then, We should just make a go of it all…RIGHT???  Lets stretch ourselves out and save the world.  In fact, we may want to start in our own country like New Orleans and Louisiana right after they were hit by a frikkin’ Category 3-5 Hurricane.  –Not likely.  Because in a realistic world of war, the most simple explanation is often the most accurate.–  (Economy is in a slump.  Oil will boost economy.  Kill those who have the oil that we want.)

Now that I’ve laid the basic groundwork of what happened, take a look for yourself with facts…

Well, after 911, it seems that our American politicians have been on a rampage like NO OTHER in order to rob, pillage, rape, and steal anything that is in front of them.  As we are told yet another dictator needs to be stopped, our people are so blinded by the propaganda that they can’t even see what is staring at them directly in the face.

Look:  We are in such a hurry to power grab Libya, to take their oil and prevent the gold standard from returning, that we ACTUALLY outright employed members of Al Qaeda AGAIN to do our bidding for us.  Now, if they did something like this to get what they wanted in Libya, what makes you think that anyone OTHER than our own people bombed us on 911?  What are two common denominators between 911 and the current war in Libya??? GOLD…(Link Below)

There has been much resistance to the idea that the U.N. and America WILLINGLY employed Al Qaeda to do their bidding in Libya.  In fact, I’ve heard statements like, “Oh, that’s preposterous, to claim that the U.S. would purposefully hire Al Qaeda is absolutely asinine.  Just because a few fighters from Al Qaeda helped out, DOES NOT MEAN that the Libyan Rebels had anything to do with Al Qaeda outside of this isolated incident.”  Really?  Well first, let me answer that by saying, “There was a time when the U.S. boasted that they never negotiated with terrorists.”  Secondly, this link should END that debate:  Take a good look-U.N. and U.S. KNOWINGLY hire Al Qaeda to do its bidding. Libyan Rebel force is an Al Qaeda affiliate.  So, in essence, we took a very popular leader away from their people and gave them a bunch of terrorists who set up a central bank for the Rothschild’s.  Excellent work Obama.

Why on earth would a Rebel Army decide to set up a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild\’s/Rockefellers?

U.S. employs Al Qaeda to fight against Libya

Rebel Army Commander Admits Al Qaeda Links

Al Qaeda offers help to Rebel Army

U.S. Government Backs Libyan Al-Qaeda While Hyping Terror Attacks Inside U.S.

Great Britian and America Paying for Al Qaeda services…

Libya: the West and al-Qaeda on the same side

UN, Obama Fighting Alongside Al-Qaeda in Libya

What do you want to bet that in 5 years, our government will tell us, that “The Libyan People are being Oppressed by their government,” and that we MUST go BACK and re-liberate them???  Its a cycle that repeats once you press rinse.  Yep, in 5 years, our population will have forgotten that we EMPLOYED THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPOSEDLY ATTACKED US ON 9-11-01, to get rid of a guy who had attacked NO-ONE. -Sometimes we’re so blind that its painful.- (Link Below)

To be clear, this is how YOUR PRESIDENT views OUR \”ENEMIES\” Al QAEDA.

After Britain, US considers Libya rebel embassy

They attack us on 911, and Obama rewards them with an Embassy…(This is content that I couldn’t write even if I wanted to.  What an imagination this place has.)  I’m sorry, but there’s no excuse in the world that adequately explains THIS DECISION on the part of the Obama Administration.  Its one thing to give an Islamic Embassy, or an Afghani Embassy out to those of that faith, but its quite another thing altogether to give an embassy to a foreign operation with no real political backing as a STATE.  Even worse, to give a KNOWN TERRORIST organization a spot of their own within American borders. -Now, either these people were NEVER TERRORISTS to begin with, or maybe, this organization is exactly what people have said all along—C.I.A.  Otherwise, what would be the purpose???  To keep our eyes on them???  LOL…  Open your eyes.  PLEASE—See the bigger picture. -And try to see the bigger picture with this in mind…ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LOST THEIR LIVES IN AN ALL OUT LIE TOLD TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Folks, 911 was when the ENORMOUS banking scam reached its TRUE ACCELERATION POINT.  You need to research the amount of “put options” that were levied against Airline insurance AT THAT TIME and the fact that Silverstein was smart enough to magically get insurance for all buildings “in case of terrorist attack.”  –This was the beginning of it all, as far as the point of acceleration.– The WAR ON TERROR was needed for the BANKERS TO BEGIN WAGING ECONOMIC WAR AGAINST THE WORLD. -Wars need funding, and this was the biggest scam of them all.  A war which can pick anyone as its enemy…INCLUDING YOU.



So, one minute, Libya is our BEST FRIENDS when we realize that he’s got a powerful and stable economy.  In fact, US banks took quite an interest to the way that Gadaffi ran things knowing DAMN WELL that he had been an autocrat for nearly 40 years by this point. (Links below)

Kickbacks between Libya and the west have helped Gaddafi cling to power. (That\’s right, we armed him and took his money)

Why Gadaffi Is Now A Good Guy

Libya and Vietnam elected to UN Security Council

Complete Hypocrisy

Good Guy? Bad Guy??? MONEY CAN PURCHASE FRIENDS…but only temporarily

If you’ve been paying attention, its all out in the open now…its pretty much public knowledge that we’re OPENLY hijacking Libyan oil which is contrary to the initial purpose of “LIBERATING the Libyan people”…the American public will apparently fall for any given excuse, even though experience through repetition alone should have burned this design to our memories.  Folks…we should KNOW BETTER BY NOW.  Sadly, we literally fall for the SAME TACTIC every time and the proof of its EFFECTIVENESS is reflected by our inaction, the current status of our world standing, and our economic failure to the U.S. citizens and the world whom depend on a stable U.S. economy.  Laughably, there are rarely, if any alterations to the propaganda scheme created to control the perceptions of the masses except for the fact that the elite are now openly, instead of privately, bidding right in front of the world for control over stolen natural resources (in this case, Libyan Oil).  Please do not take offense to my observation concerning the majority of Americans who have willingly accepted their realities as slaves.  With our voiceless approval, we have proven ourselves nothing less.  And trust me when I say…voting once every 4 years does not show an effective or consistent form of participation that runs synonymous to having “a voice” within politics.

Now…If this is not your decision and you do not fall into this category, then consider yourself exempt.  If you have tried to voice your opinion and have exercised your inalienable rights as a sentient being who recognizes their true connection and divinity, then feel free to ignore my rant because what I say is nothing new.  However, I feel that I am illuminating something that even the most blinded of individual should be aware of by now.  If you cannot see the greed and how it makes you complicit by your participation or lack thereof, then you truly are in absolute denial.  This system cannot stand while constantly creating more negative Karma to repay.  Lets face facts here:  Everyone whom we attack has a natural resource that we exploit, and all of the nations which we attack fall under a 3rd world status…in some cases, they were sovereign nations.  It is a very simplistic design, yet, it has fooled an immeasurable amount of people who could have otherwise been influential in creating a change for the better.

Hijacking of Libyan oil…links below:

France Feels Entitled To Libyan Oil

The West Wants To Control Libya\’s Oil Wealth

Here’s something else that I find interesting.  Gadhaffi had stabilized Libya’s economy, had one of the highest standards of living in the world, nationalized his country’s own oil, and provided a home, health care, and a vehicle to every Libyan in that country.  Could it be that this makes certain Western Powers look bad when our unemployment rate is steadily rising, people are consistently losing their homes, and the economy continues to dive because of our practice of fractional reserve banking.  Does it make the U.S. look bad when there isn’t a single homeless Libyan???

What you don\’t get to hear about Gaddafi

Gaddafi, a system of his own!!!

Farrakhan destroys NATO France Britain and the US on humanitarian hypocrisy and lies in Libya,

Lets not forget THIS, and how if Gadaffi was successful, we would have lost purchasing power in Africa and the Middle East-

Let us Not Forget WHY Gadaffi chose to make this maneuver in the FIRST PLACE-

Goldman and Sachs Steals 1.3 Billion of Gadaffi\’s money and then bet against him

Goldman Sachs and JP MORGAN stealing Libyan Money

It would seem that Americans and Gadaffi have something in common- They’re being extracted by U.S. Banks and Multinational corporations.

This isn\’t a JOKE, this is the REAL AUDIT from the Federal Reserve…

Last but not least…This is what those SAME JACKASSES just did to us AGAIN:

Bank Of America Further Destroys The American Taxpayer by Transferring Eurozone Debt to Americans

Bank of America Lynch[ing this] CountryWide\’s Equity Is Likely Worthess and It Will Rape FDIC Insured Accounts Going Bust

-So, WHO is your ENEMY AGAIN???

It was only after Gadaffi had gotten anally squeegeed by Goldman and Sachs did he choose to attempt to fight back.

Now, one could look at this information and the people who are speaking against the behavior of the U.S./Western BANKING CARTELS as “radical,” or “dangerous.”  This is often the common “perception” and reaction that one has when information contradicts our view of reality.  I assure you, this isn’t “communist, socialist, fascist, or any other “ism, ist,” or stupid agenda involving ideology.  THIS IS REALITY. -Do yourself a favor and WAKE UP.  PEOPLE ARE BEING MURDERED. -As an intelligent, scientifically minded individual, I MUST LOOK AT ALL OF THE FACTS to make an informed opinion.  Let me tell you something, right now the world isn’t protesting Gadaffi…THEY’RE PROTESTING THE WEST AND OUR UBIQUITOUS/PERVASIVE FINANCIAL POLICIES (i.e. Fractional Reserve Banking)  WHICH HAVE WRECKED THE WORLD. -Gadaffi wasn’t spreading wars like Sadaam in the 90s, or a certain Western Nation that can’t seem to get enough oil.  He was minding his OWN BUSINESS. -And lets NOT forget who the U.S. EMPLOYED in order to fight the forces of Libya. -Its time for Americans to use some BRAIN MATTER for once and drop all of the propaganda that we have been fed since the dawn of Television. -How easy is it to lie to the American public?  You have a system which pathologically lies to you, which most of you are aware of.  BUT…when it comes to the idea of “enemies” and foreign policy, suddenly you seem to think that the liars have suddenly FOUND RELIGION.  All of a sudden, anything that your system tells you is GOSPEL, and you’re ready throw your kids in front of a moving truck to rid the world of the “Crazy Boogeymen.”  -Let me ask you something?- What happens when we finally RID THE WORLD OF ALL OF THE BOOGEYMEN???  –That’s right…Once we’ve gone ALL OVER THE EARTH and bombed every square inch…THE ONLY THING THAT’S LEFT IS US.  And they’ll gladly wipe us up TOO.

After doing some research on Gaddafi and Libya and how Gaddafi brought prosperity to an African country by limiting Western influence and nationalizing his own nation’s natural resource, it becomes more clear why he was seen as such a threat.  Not to mention that Gaddafi was intentionally trying to undermine America by attempting to empower Africa by switching to the gold standard.  I can truly say…As Americans, we seem to hate Libyan freedoms and their direct form of democracy.  Seems to be an excuse that sells…

Make your own decision…

  (United States has been forging gold)


Recently I read an article that really unnerved me, especially considering the current state of the world, the environment, and our shift towards violent weather as the “norm.”  Right now, there are places where disasters have struck from years past that still have not recovered.  New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is a great American example of how disasters can have long lasting effects upon a population and an economy.  Those in Joplin, MO are still attempting to piece their lives back together as a nightmare of epic proportions visited them in the early spring of this year. Many people within that population are still experiencing dramatic after effects which have increased mortality rates, spread pestilence, and have led to all sorts of financial problems within their community.

This is the VERY reason for my attempt to appeal to the New Yorker’s sense of fortune in that they didn’t have to count themselves as another sad statistic of circumstance.  Keep in mind that when you read this blog, I am not addressing New Yorkers on a collective level as there are plenty of people in New York who have intelligent, respectful, and enlightened minds.  I am addressing the cocksure, prideful, and arrogant New Yorker that has convinced him/herself that because of their geographic location that they are somehow tougher, or more equipped to handle the trials of life that are thrown at us without warning.  If you were to ask me, 911 proved that New Yorkers don’t quite live up to the reputation that they generously give themselves.

Ultimately, this article really wouldn’t have bothered me so much if I hadn’t seen much of the same sentiment expressed by New Yorkers in other forums where the dangers of Hurricane Irene were being discussed.  Here is the article in question:

Irene fails to \”wow\” New Yorkers

Personally, I felt this as a slap to the face of every single person on this planet that was praying for the safety and protection of our fellow brothers and sisters in New York.  In fact, and although it cannot be proven, it may have been these very “prayers” that mitigated the effects of what could have been an otherwise “disastrous act of God,” in a highly populated area of the world.

I was SO annoyed with the tone of this link that I went ahead and posted this story to Facebook with THIS attached statement as my opening evaluation of the link…

“Oh, is that what they wanted? To be entertained and wowed??? Well, maybe next time when mother nature chooses to wipe NY out because of their VANITY and PRIDE, it will qualify as better theme ride material. And to think, there were people PRAYING for their safety…”

After I posted this to my facebook, I also posted the below statement in the comments section to support my reasons for being appalled by the article and any New Yorkers who shared these less-than-favorable views on the strength of hurricane Irene.  For once people, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS FOR BEING ALIVE as opposed to criticizing mother nature for being merciful and not ELIMINATING YOUR SORRY ASSES.  That Hurricane did not give birth to itself to IMPRESS YOU or take the place of your noon time matinee.  Hurricanes, just like any other form of “disaster,” is the earth’s mechanism for performing the cleansing process or providing essential life sustaining elements to geographic areas where these elements are needed.  In many cases, although there are plenty of people in denial of this fact, disasters are man-made creations meant to perform what is commonly known as “population control.” And as it turns out, disasters are quite the lucrative endeavor especially when it comes to the rebuilding process and attaining contractors for the bidding…but, that is neither here nor there, I’m merely pointing out facets of how the cogs operate.  Regardless though, no matter who is at the steering wheel when it comes to disasters, they are inherently dangerous and should be RESPECTED as opposed to be seen as some form of entertainment for a jogger, a surfer, or just those who sit in boredom hoping that the world will end so that they don’t have to have any further motivation other than to sit and judge the world.

In the next paragraph following this one is the comment shared to my Facebook page:  For those who this offends, I do apologize, but I would suggest reading the WHOLE blog and understand the overall meaning behind it before jumping to conclusions.  Again, I only address those who have adopted a distorted sense of identity of who and what they are by associating themselves falsely with the CREATED stigma attached of what it means to be a “New Yorker.”  As far as I’m concerned, the only inherent truth about New York which may carry some weight is the fact that they have good pizza.  And I’m sorry…but, if this is all you got going for you after polluting the world with industry, destroying the economy (NYSE), and overpopulating a small amount of space…then you shouldn’t be prideful at all.  In fact, you should be downright ashamed to even associate yourself with that state.  I’d trade that pizza for a complete bulldozing of the entire city and the subsequent planting of a forest over it in a heartbeat. In the end, all you did was host a terrorist act reminiscent of the ending scene of “Fight Club.” ~And tell me…how many of you New Yorkers put thought into what REALLY happened that day?~


“New Yorkers are always trying to act tough…that sort of childish testosterone needs to be laid to rest. Its sad to see when an adult acts like a child in order to get attention demonstrating how tough and resilient that they are…its even sillier when there’s enough people with this attitude that it “appears” that an entire city does it as some sort of testament to their collective strength (excluding those who do not think this way). I am under the impression that its good that nothing substantial occurred and that damage was minimal, but, mocking mother nature and pretending false resilience is merely EGO setting itself up for a downfall of epic proportions. Now, I wouldn’t be so insulted had this article been the first that I had heard of New Yorkers being “disappointed” in the strength of Irene. Had “Irene” decided to go “Katrina” on New York, we’d be hearing just the opposite tune right now, just like we did during 911 when New Yorkers were falling to the ground, and giving up their constitutional rights out of fear of the Islamic Boogeyman hiding under all of their beds. To this day, many of them still use 911 as a CRUTCH as the “quintessential moment” which THE WORLD SUPPOSEDLY CHANGED because of THEIR FEAR. For YEARS, You couldn’t even turn on the news without hearing a New Yorker crying about the day that the sky fell on their precious city…meanwhile in other parts of the world, exploding buildings are OLD HAT.  And truly, there are FAR MORE RESILIENT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THAN OVERWEIGHT NEW YORKERS who use their ACCENTS while grabbing their crotches to sound tougher than they are.  There are people who experience the reality of terror daily who barely make a peep about their experiences and they remain silent because they realize that TALK IS CHEAP.  Most of them are just happy to simply experience the blessing of a brand new day.
Had Irene opened up and chose the alternate route of CONQUEROR, there would be a bunch of “tough” New Yorkers begging for handouts, shelter, and someone to offer a shoulder to cry on…just like they did on 911.  I’ve seen New York in their “greatest time of peril,” and they didn’t react so well…in fact, all of them seemed like amazing olympic runners when faced with adversity as they ran to the OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF THE DANGER.  In fact, many of these “THOUGH NEW YORKERS” were so busy exercising their primal instincts of “fight/flight” that many of them forgot that they were in a position to help others who were either dying or suffering…some were even stampeded in their attempts of escape. In fact, I didn’t see much in the way of “FIGHT” in the Fight/flight order at all…it was mostly FLIGHT…except when it came from the firefighters and the police who stood their ground to come to the defense of those who were totally DEFENSELESS; despite the fact that they were ALL TOUGH NEW YORKERS with the same TOUGH ACCENTS. That alone should have guaranteed their safety…RIGHT???
Maybe if these New Yorkers had used those tough accents earlier, our government would have been far too scared to bomb its own people and then blame it on Radical Islamists for the purposes of stealing more natural resources to lace the economy with. Maybe if they had used those TOUGH accents earlier while grabbing the socks stuffed in their crotchal regions, the government would have been so paralyzed with fear that they wouldn’t feel so openly entitled to rape our environment, entitlement programs, and the economy at any given chance that is presented.
Nonetheless, instead of  New Yorkers feeling FORTUNATE that Irene came and passed without much incident, we’re getting the “Drunken braggart” syndrome of a city that was lucky enough not to be tested like so many other parts of the world where lives and homes were LOST. The next time a hurricane fails to “Wow” you New York, maybe you should COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS as opposed to write childish nonsense about how there were people so TOUGH that their FOOLISHNESS and dipshitted EGOS caused them to go jogging in a storm that could have otherwise WIPED THEIR FRAGILE LITTLE LIVES CLEAN.”
If you find my comments to be insulting or condescending, then there’s a VERY GOOD REASON FOR THAT in the fact that you must ALSO share this egocentric view of the immovable nature of New Yorkers.  Obviously, I’m not referring to the many  New Yorkers or those with common sense who do not share this same viewpoint as I tend to stay away from sweeping generalizations…this blog only refers to, or finds fault with those who consistently find pride in associating themselves with illusions of grandeur fabricated by the grossly insecure.  Here’s a newsflash: Your geographic location doesn’t make you any tougher or more resilient to mother nature, crimes, political discourse, or precarious circumstances than any other geographic location in the world.  You are human and can be wiped out with a mere thought by the Universe which is the very reason you should pay homage and THANK the Universe for sparing your city.  Many of us should just be thankful and take comfort that the Universe appears to be infinitely patient despite the arrogance and violence of this non-evolved, primate species that we call “The Human Race.”  In this day of age, the last thing we need to be exercising on a collective level is continued pride or arrogance especially when the world has seen the U.S. brought to its knees by actions that are regularly experienced by people in other parts of this world.  Grow up and show some respect.
One day, those who have moved towards Unconditional LOVE will understand and recognize such vanity for what it is.  When that day comes, I look forward to the light and beauty that the path of Unity and humility will bring.  Until then, it must start on an individual level.  Be the force which brings about this change.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you…

Has anyone noticed the propensity for terrorist actions and disasters to happen as planned Disaster Drills are occurring?  I’m not going to do much here to sway your opinion other than offer you the information itself.  Sadly, even with the information being so BLATANT, many will “willfully” discard these events as “coincidence.”  By the way, none of this is “new” information.  Its been circulating for quite some time, however, I felt it necessary to go ahead and illuminate one of the many tools that the elite use in order to manipulate reality and gain funding by focusing on “the method” itself.  Take it or leave it.  Either way, my eyes are OPEN.  I post this only with the hopes that it will do the same for others.

This post is not to warn you of impending doom or to push your paranoia button, in fact, ONCE YOU ARE AWARE OF HOW THINGS OPERATE, you will be comforted to know that ultimately, there’s not much to worry about at all.  This post is meant to educate you on the tactics used by those who seek to control your information and to shape your perceptions of reality…nothing more. Keep in mind, by knowing the methods used by those seeking to empower themselves over you, you expand your awareness which strengthens you against slanted propaganda and the reality of their creation.  In the end, you train yourself to see through the facade making you resolute in building a reality based on TRUTH.  Have no fear, because when you live in the reality of your own choosing, you are the creator…and nothing can harm you if you set your intentions and parameters properly.  Peace and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to ALL.

Earthquake, Tsunami, Military Drills Precipitate Disaster? Conspiracy

When Disaster Drills Turn Real…


Disaster drill before Haiti Quake

\”Relief Efforts\”

Major Missing, Haiti Relief Efforts


Disaster drills performed before and during 911

Underground news regarding these disaster drills

London Bombings


London Underground Bombing \’Exercises\’ Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack

Its interesting to me that our world is historically dependent upon conflict and fear in order to keep the collective “united,” although, its little more than a poorly woven illusion at best.  Its like watching a really horrible, over theatrical, acting job on Broadway that gets BELIEVED and accepted by the masses as REALITY…but the major difference between the two is that one ends and the other is cyclical…perpetual.  Trust me when I say this…Broadway isn’t short of bad actors, bad writing, or bad music; therefore, it truly seems that “LIFE DOES IMITATE ART.”  Granted, that may be more of a biased opinion than solid fact, but, I truly feel sorry for anyone who takes Broadway seriously.  Nonetheless, unearned faith continues to be put into a system in which the population of said FAITH is absolutely aware of the inconsistencies, DANGERS and the blatant LIES that are embedded into our system, yet despite our knowledge of its flaws, we continue to churn away as if these lies don’t exist.  How many scandals does it take for the populace to realize that our “representatives” are a bunch of conniving snakes?  We have heard so many lies that we just begin to discard the idea of reality as a joke and accept the idea that we will never truly know the truth.  With that in mind, we go and cast our ballots every 4 years thinking that it will have some sort of an outcome better than the last, and some even hope that they are somehow punishing the unpopular incumbent for playing a bad role…either we’re STUPID, or INSANE.  This is the standard created by the elite, accepted by the masses, and SOLD by its enabler…the media.  Its truly amazing to me that someone could ever truly believe that they are “picking the lesser between two evils,” because as far as I’m concerned, picking the lesser of the two evils still entails, CHOOSING EVIL.  This statement of “picking the lesser between the two” has long outlived its very hollow meaning.

We’ve gotten to the point where we are looking directly at the evidence of our failed system and  yet, most people BLINDLY continue to support the hypocrisy in which it represents.

For instance: (These are hypotheticals, but, I guarantee that this “Hypothetical” is quite representative of many of an American.)

1. Hypothetical #1: A good christian woman in Arkansas probably would have much disdain for a system that allows police officers to raid her home for virtually no reason and without warrant while threatening her family with bodily harm or worse.  But, this same Arkansas woman never even has to consider the idea that in other parts of the world that this very nightmare is a reality because of the VERY SYSTEM that provides the Arkansas woman her way of life.  Why should she stand up to help change the horrible conditions of her brothers and sisters in other lands when its not her home which is in danger…there’s no incentive for her to know, think, or care about it.  In fact, her conscious decision to remain “willfully ignorant and non-participative” in defending the human rights of her fellow brothers and sisters openly supports tactics such as this which are used world-wide on any nation not subservient to Western rule.  But, as it were…there’s always a flip side to this equation.  And that flip side comes on the day that this “willfully ignorant” Arkansonian no longer has a home, a job, or a way to provide for her family.  Her willful ignorance willed her right into a position of homelessness and despair.  Tides always change, and so does the hand of power.  Once this happens…you are either aware enough to survive and adapt to the changes because you are vigilant and have educated yourself, or you become a victim of natural selection.  Unfortunately, to be “willfully ignorant is still to be IGNORANT.

Hypothetical #2: A gung ho soldier fresh off the boats in Iraq probably has NO PROBLEM fulfilling his training and following orders.  Its everything he’s ever wanted.  In his willingness to succeed and serve his country, he is eventually forced to follow orders that unfortunately caused civilian deaths…maybe even a few which cost the lives of women and children.  In his mind, he can always rationalize that his country was “simply at war,” and that he did what was needed to survive.  But, would the same American soldier view things through a different lens if it were his country that was raided, occupied, and raped of its resources?  Would that same soldier “understand” the apologies of the invading the country if their soldiers had followed orders by raiding his home, murdering his wife, and having his children detained in a camp such as Guantanamo Bay???  Would this man understand if the soldier stated that he was, “just following orders?”  The sad part is the idea that we call others terrorists because they are non-compliant in the destruction of their own race and civilization.  ~It happens EVERYDAY~ SO IRONIC…

So, how many times can our chains be yanked in the same direction before we figure out that its all a sham?  How many times can you be fooled by the same tactic???  Fear is your prime motivator for living…Fear is the reason why you go to work…Fear is the reason why we do nothing when we KNOW we should enact…Fear is fed to us in every shape and form so that we have choices in the many varieties that it provides.  What are you scared of?  Terrorists, aliens, angels, demons, aging, dying, living, fighting, pimples, ugly teeth, bad breath, cats, dogs, mice, chickens, cows, food, eating, being overweight, underweight, skinny, bullied, domestic violence, depression, etc???  Well, as you see, we’ve got purchasable solutions to ALL OF THOSE THINGS. BUT… if you’re not willing to purchase a solution for the many appetites of our pre-provided fear, then you could be labeled “mentally ill,” as most Americans are strung out on one psychoactive substance or another.  Its amazing how much an economy is FED BY FEAR ALONE.  To be clear, we just gave away a few trillion dollars in order to bail out a failing banking scam.  Why on earth would we do such a thing???  FEAR.  Imagine how much the military industrial complex makes in a singular day alone?  The only reason it could even exist would be from the fear of an attack, or the ultimate fear of death…plain and simple. The military industrial complex is a sheer manufacturer of fear…and the media is its cohort.  Today, one cannot exist without the other, if they were ever separate at all.

Am I guilty of these things myself?  Am I guilty for peddling  FEAR??  Am I peddling fear at all???  Maybe. That’s certainly an entertaining thought, but I think it would be untrue as none of the above items in the last paragraph makes my list of anything worthy of worry.  My fear, if it could be called that, lies for a miniature collective when it concerns apathy…specifically Americans.  375 million people out of 6.75 BILLION would normally not be a large enough chunk to really be concerned with, but, its this minor percentage that seems to be setting the course for an entire civilization, past, present and future.  Our current state of apathy is monumental and it is doing nothing but growing.  An apathetic state is nothing short of robotic and a robotic state is 100% short of being human.  Hence the reasons why we can allow brothers and sisters to starve right down to their skeletons, and genocide to occur world-wide with little more than a yawn of inconvenience.  I do a ton of posting on Facebook when it comes to media stories concerning politics for the sake of boosting awareness.  Now on one hand, I could be accused of peddling the same fear regurgitated by the media machine which is used for the purposes of paralyzing one with fear and guilt.  But, I tend to go with the other hand which is the real purpose behind my motives – to ILLUMINATE THE MANUFACTURED LIES AND FEAR which are perpetuated incessantly by the media in an attempt to CONTROL the way that you view reality.  The only guilt that I push is the one that will be felt on a collective level because of our refusal to act while there’s still time to make a difference.  Ultimately, THE WORLD WILL HEAL and things will return to its intended state as everything is as it should be…but, this is no reason or EXCUSE to not be the stewards of our environment and planet that we were supposed to be.  Collectively, we are consciously deciding to KILL OURSELVES because of inaction and those who are aware of this fact have NOT AGREED with this program…me included; therefore, this is NOT A WORLD OF MY MANIFESTATION OR CHOOSING.  I am NOT compliant in the destruction of this planet for the sake of convenience…

Nontheless…lets explore some of these lies hidden as truths.

In order for a President, or a rising politician to get the support he/she needs to do a few things in order to gain the TRUST of the people, attain financial backing (lobbying, contributions), and rub noses of those with like-interests. (Here’s the big picture though when considering “like-interests,” – The interests that the political arena has demonstrated to the world obviously CONFLICTS with campaign promises which are often heard by the populace.)

1. They must promise taxpayers to GIVE BACK a tiny portion of what they already owe us through raiding our tax dollars and programs that we’ve already paid into with the expressed, yet disingenuous promise of giving tax breaks and incentives for being such good slaves.  But, as you can see…that’s not working out too well anymore, is it???  The next stage from here is to create and accept “strategically divisive” issues in which to side giving tax payers the illusion of morality and purpose…abortion is a prime example. (This is how $$$ flows.)  While you hold your picket signs and march, regardless of which side you’ve chosen, you’re laughed at for even believing that it was an issue to begin with.   And you’re thanked wholeheartedly by the elite for perpetuating the illusion as it continues in real time before you.  As long as you hold these beliefs within your heart and soul…YOU’LL ALWAYS BE MANIPULATED BY THEM.  LET GO.  Here’s a newsflash that may be a bit unsettling to hear at first, but I can assure you that its absolutely true…To the elite, there are no sides, no real issues because they only believe in THEIR SIDE which keeps them as the master and you as the slave.  There’s only puppets and puppeteers.  Positive and Negative. The masses need the illusion of drama, hence all of the reality shows, soap operas, and specialized news outlets.  They feel like they need to have a special belief or cause to represent, so, those choices are CREATED FOR THEM through litigation and political issues which validate the truth (THE LIE) of the illusion.  If its on paper, then it must be REAL…RIGHT???  If Bryan Williams from MSNBC says that its true, then it must be…Bryan has a face that you and I can trust.  He’s well dressed and brushes his teeth.  He’s on television everyday, and is a family man like you and I.  Why would he EVER LIE???  Consider the fact that the same people who own the news also own the papers, internet sites, subsidiary and independent outlets, movie and production companies, and some of them are even shareholders and puppeteers of the military industrial complex.  WEALTH + Media + firepower = OWNERSHIP.  But Ownership = ILLUSION.

Because there are only TWO PARTIES, then there is a general list of what defines one against the other.  If you’re a Republican, then you’re a “fiscally conservative, religious nut job,” and if you’re a Democrat, then you’re a “socially responsible,” spineless, wimp.  But, I think we’ve nailed down exactly what they ALL ARE COLLECTIVELY…”CROOKS.”  While you buy into the play that they spin relentlessly, they secretly shake hands behind closed doors and take everything that we hand out with the choices that we make.

2. They must use the word “Hope” with starry eyes, and invoke “GOD and Country,” with a tone of conviction; and by doing so, they gain the hearts and minds of all those who have accepted any form of religious or patriotic programming in their early development…Afterall, isn’t America “ONE NATION, UNDER GOD???”  This is an excellent program which has lived through the ages because the founding fathers did a fantastic job in ensuring that their fellow Europeans, their imperialist victims, and their successors were scared SHITLESS of their supposed creator/A God with canine teeth.  Isn’t it amazing how fear and guilt are the primary emotions needed to fracture someone into accepting a pre-created reality?

3. If you’re a president, and your approval ratings begin to dive, there’s one sure way of ensuring solidarity…fabricate a threat and have a war, OR, you can catch a bad guy who has been somehow lurking in the shadows for years.  Oh yes…FEAR is something that generates the most basic and primal instincts even within a collective.  On an individual level, its hard to counteract the rational thinking of someone who uses logic to pinpoint the conductor of the choir, but, when the herd starts to cycle and move because of fear and commotion, you displace the individual by instilling fear into the collective whole (A good illustration of this idea is the act of trying to find your best friend during a riot or concert.  Because there is so much commotion, it becomes difficult to locate a singular body or listen for their voice).  Its much harder for an individual to stand up and point out the obvious when the herd is no longer capable of rational thought due to being traumatized as they huddle for protection after running about in a chaotic, and traumatized state (911).  Because of the fear, the herd huddles close, nearly stampeding each other as the shepherd and the dog force the herd into pastures of the creator’s choosing…a place more suitable for those in charge.  Through the initial destabilization phase, comes the new order…a reality everyone is willing to accept for the purposes of feeling “safe.” (Fight or flight)  Of course, the herd expects that the shepherd is looking out for their best interests, so the herd is content on obedience…never realizing that the only reason for having “A Herd” in the first place is so that “The Herd” can be harvested, in some fashion or another. (Get it???)

4. Threaten Stability.  This can be done in a variety of ways.  You can do it economically, environmentally, militarily, or extra-terrestrially.  Take your pick because they are all effective.  With so many recent “threats,” its hard for Americans to NOT CHOOSE between many different appetites of fear that manifest themselves within our physical spectrum.  Its the only thing that we see.  Its the only thing that we hear.  The MEDIA MACHINE is amazing, because people unwittingly search for articles containing “fear” in the interests of being either entertained or informed.  Its nothing to necessarily feel guilty for given the fact that its manufactured on a wholesale level for the American populace.  Other people’s nightmares are our forms of entertainment. (Horror Movies, War films, Adult and Gore rated video games)  The Movie called “Natural Born Killers” made a huge statement about an entire culture obsessed with violence, hatred, and ridicule and that the nation itself was equally as guilty of mass murder as the film’s protagonists.  We reap what we sow.  We are an extension of the 3rd Reich…the 4th.  We are Rome…war-like, greedy, and over extended and soon, we will only be presented with 2 solutions…slavery or freedom, and right now its pretty evident which direction we are going.

5. Give the illusion of control and Establish ORDER.  This entails many aspects all the way from rising stories of police brutality, to internet speak of “Martial Law.”  Everyday our WRITTEN RIGHTS are stripped away giving the state greater powers to control our actions.  And all we feel is mistrust, misuse, and disdain.  ITS AN ILLUSION.  They have a plan and they’re making it work.  If you can infect and infiltrate how the internet disseminates information regarding politics and conspiracy, then you can narrow the viewpoints even further because those who watch television are already a lost cause.

The point is- To RALLY THE PEOPLE and control their viewpoints.  I’m sure you’ve heard of that phrase…”rallying the people.  Winning hearts and minds.”  Well, RALLYING the people is another term for “gain support from the herd.”  And, as long as you have support from the people, you can use sleight of hand to create their realities at will…and if they aren’t creating your realities, then how the hell are they still getting your votes???

Unfortunately, the people support it because “The Politicians” are “finding solutions and stability” for the manufactured fears of the people that the ELITE themselves have created…They are your SAVIORS.  The key to one’s mind is the key to their pain, pleasure, and PERCEPTION.  Throw a boogie man at the public and they will fall to their knees in despair EVERY TIME.  Create a threat without a face, and then they will NEVER know whom to trust…they will BEG for salvation.  Look how easily it all works…

We are constantly given stories with no proof or evidence, yet, believe it all because it comes from “trusted media outlets.”  And let me ask, are these outlets “trusted” because they’re “reputable,” or are they trusted because they’re “familiar” and the only thing that exists within a mainstream (AKA NORMAL) perspective???  Do you know what NORMAL IS, because I have no idea.  I certainly do not consider the fact that over half the American population is junked out on antidepressants as normal…DO YOU???  Do you always believe what your eyes tell you or what your ears hear, even when there are things occurring that exist outside of our abilities to perceive them???  If your reality is totally based only those things that you can actually perceive, then you can only be influenced by the limited scope of what you CONSUME…FACT.  And if your choices in how you choose to define your reality are narrowed down further and further by the slow process of globalization and acquisitions, then ultimately, so does the scope of the reality in which you live.  There are only 4 Major Media Outlets, and THEY monopolize and provide you “politically friendly” media which inject you news, or what I call “pre-built realities,” based on your political slant.  There is no such thing as an unbiased outlet.  So, if you watch FOX, then we can automatically deduct a host of issues in which you believe, or REPRESENT.  -Tracking-Profiling- The design is almost GENIUS.

So, Is it the suits and ties?  Is that what makes it more official for you?  Would you believe me if I came to you dressed in a suit and tie and told you that your house wasn’t burning down even though you can clearly see that it is with your own eyes?  Would you believe me if I told you that it was totally safe to go back in your home even though you can see the smoke bellowing out from your windows?  Well…that’s PRECISELY what we’re doing every time we go and choose to VOTE for this system.  Its BURNING DOWN and yet you continue to BELIEVE that its standing despite very clear indications that are telling you otherwise.  Your continued participation and perception of its existence is the ONLY thing keeping it together.  Nonetheless, if you don’t believe me…ask yourself these questions.

How much did we find out about the Bin Laden assassination?

1. That the story changed repetitively

2. That Pakistan disputed it

3. That they disposed of, excuse me, “sent the body to sea.”

4. That the White House supposedly watched the whole raid in real time.

5. That it came in a very strategic time for Obama while is birth certificate issue began to rise dramatically.

Are we supposed to believe all of this just because our GOVERNMENT which has been prone to LYING, tells us that its true???  Shouldn’t we hold them to a slightly higher standard than that of our next door neighbor?  If your best friend had a history of pathological lying, would you believe him if he told you that he could fly???  YES/NO???  Well…that’s literally the same situation that we are in right now…yet, no one stands up to call their bluff…so, THEY KEEP BLUFFING AND WINNING and they will continue to do it until they realize that it no longer works.

Did we see photos of this supposed, “dead body”  NOPE.  Well actually, they did release photos of Bin Laden, but then they got busted when it was discovered that the picture that they released was photo-shopped and had been circulating on the internet for years…then they retracted that statement and said, “Well, we haven’t OFFICIALLY released anything, and if you’re seeing it on the internet that its a fake.”  NO evidence.  NOTHING…just their word at the adamant denials of other countries.  And here’s the reasons why other countries were denying it…BIN LADEN HAD ALREADY DIED YEARS AGO.  Unfortunately though, this is how pathetic the educational level and attention span is in this country.  Most of the conservatives who were celebrating the death of Bin Laden in 2011 didn’t even remember that their favorite news outlet FOX had done at least 2 news stories on the fact that Bin Laden had DIED from Diabetes and Low blood pressure YEARS AGO.

Was there any coverage of this supposed “Raid” that was witnessed by anyone else other than the White House?  NOPE.  In fact, even that story changed due to the 20 minute delay that the White House eventually reported having.  If I’m not mistaken, Obama CLEARLY STATED that he and members of the white house staff watched the raid in its entirety in real time.  B.S.

The whole official 911 story is a farce for many reasons, but most notably, because it completely contradicts the laws of physics and any history of engineering that came before it.  But, because of the fear generated by a POORLY STAGED EVENT…the herd (The Nation) went into a state of chaos to where logic and reasoning was substituted with unwavering patriotism and unconditional loyalty to the state.  Rational thinking completely went out of the window head first and any mention of actual and additional “research or investigation” was simply met with a cold stare, disillusionment, and skepticism.  You’d even see people defending their position by claiming that anyone who questioned the official story was “guilty of terrorism” or supporting Al Qaeda (A CIA, hence AMERICAN supported group)…THREATS INSTEAD OF FACTS.  This ended up being a very effective way to silence otherwise very intelligent people.  BUT ALAS, I always looked forward to the day where a will to question and rationalize using the “scientific method” would be met by fellow scientists with hatred, disdain, and absolute fear.  How ironic.  But, I wouldn’t expect a scientist to practice what he preaches any more than I would expect a religious zealot to not fall into the throes of hypocrisy, or a Catholic Priest to uphold his sacred vows.  Their inner contradictions are inevitable.

Nonetheless…its your choice whether you want your strings to be constantly pulled by the will of others.  If you jump every time a scare tactic is used, then you will not be able to discern whether its a tactic, or the real thing.

Again.  As I have stated, ALL IS ULTIMATELY WELL and in its proper place.  The Universe is quite intelligent and will survive the likes of us for better or for worse.  However, this isn’t my worry.  My worry is that the ONE wants us to all achieve a greater purpose and evolve to our potential.  However, it seems that many are willing to sink this place to the ground because of a manufactured sense of pride and apathy; and on a greater collective level…it only proves that there are truly those who are “special” and those who are regressive.  However, the word “special” makes me want to vomit.  I struggled for quite some time with this theory as I truly wanted to believe that we were all created in an equal manner, however, this cannot be true according to the current results of this planet.  Even though we all have our own “perceived” and “unique” paths which supposedly define individuality (illusion of separation), we are all LINKED and intricately connected into ONE gigantic intelligence…its our level of connectedness which separate us.  Some paths simply are NOT ones of conscience, intelligence, integrity, or of positivity.  Some paths are DOOMED and meant to be recycled and repeated over and over until a new evolved collective arises…OR FALLS.  Most paths in this reality are pathways created of FEAR.  How could we think any different when the perpetuation of our species is predicated upon the strongest nation of war???  In fact, you must now ask yourself, what is it you FEAR THE MOST?  DEATH???  Terror???  I can assure you now, there are far worse things than either two that I just mentioned…but if you have an entire society paralyzed by their most primal motive…there’s not much that they WON’T do to feel safe.  Do not doom yourself to indentured servitude out of fear of change.  Those are YOUR choices, but, I can assure you…they’re spinning the illusion which sells the opposite.  The more they can narrow your scope of reality, the more you indulge in THEIR built design of manufactured and preset choices.

In the end…if there were ever such a thing, the Universe will create balance.  The path of fear is a much weaker resonance which requires much more power and participation to counterbalance that of LOVE.  This may be the reason why those who LOVE are few and far between.  For every ONE individual on this planet who comes in to exercise their spiritual heritage of unconditional LOVE, there are hundreds of thousands put in place in order to level the scales.  This is the reason why those who LOVE are hunted, hated, and persecuted…a cycle that can only exist in a very low frequency.

Here’s my last statement:

If your only selling point into getting into heaven is the fear of burning in hell, then I’m afraid that you’re already cooked and just don’t realize it.

Jon Stewart Mocks Atheist Protest Of World Trade Center Cross (VIDEO)

John Stewart show

Now to me, its all a joke as I subscribe to NO religion, No organized belief, and NO REASON to align myself with either side of the isle…because as far as I’m concerned THEY’RE BOTH WRONG.  This is more of the media doing their level best to keep Americans divided instead of united on issues; and, religion apparently is one of the more favorite, and most divisive TOOLS/VICES that NEVER SEEMS TO FAIL…despite our amazing access to information and education.  Apparently, Stewart feels the same way I do concerning the behavior displayed by this new religion.  By the way, Stewart himself is an ADMITTED ATHEIST.

You have to admit, the religion of “Atheism” is beginning to get aggressive and nearly as ridiculous, IF NOT MORE SO, as the previously established religions before it.  As I see it, a TRUE Atheist would be an individual that is not affected by the idea of a God versus a Non-God, nor would it be an issue because its not something that would even engage them on a peripheral level because it simply, “does not exist.”  However, Atheism  is now one of the most aggressive and ego-based religions which claim their own intellectual superiority based on the monotheistic or multi-deistic faiths that they DO NOT BELIEVE.  Catch 22…in their failed logic, they seem to forget that their entire belief system ONLY exists as a counterpoint to the religions that THEY DENY.  And by bringing more attention to themselves, they bring attention towards, AND REINFORCE, the very dogmas that they seek to destroy in themselves and others.  (Chess can be quite deceptive…EVEN TO THE PLAYER WHO BELIEVES THEMSELVES IN CONTROL.)  Isn’t it amazing how intellectualism, or,  someone who prides themselves on being educated and uplifted by the standards of other monkeys, has been one of the quickest paths to the doorway of the ego?  As if validity from the collective has ever been something that is represented as TRUTH.  How I could count the ways that society has been mistaken as a result of falsely engineered, pre-built belief structures incurred by the limited thinking of mankind, only for only later to be proven wrong by the devices of their own creations…example: “The World is Flat.”  Many use this analogy as a point of reference for those who shut their minds to higher possibilities.  WHY???  Because its effective and demonstrates how an entire movement of incorrect thinking can influence the minds of CONTINENTS.  In fact, in the past, if one were to have challenged this belief system, they could have found themselves on the wrong end of a guillotine.  -That’s how powerful BELIEF, whether RIGHT OR WRONG can be…

-I will be the first to admit, that some of the Atheistic foundations of “belief,” as it were, have points of validity.  But, until the Atheists themselves can come forward and admit that they don’t have the locks on reality as they claim, then BELIEF IS their ONLY foundation for support, because the “Scientific community” is learning more and more that things aren’t as they appear.  I post examples of this nearly daily to weekly on my Facebook page.  Those who depend on science to sculpt their realities and thinking processes will ALWAYS be behind the curve of Universal thought.

Now, lets delve into the psychology of the angry, psychologically, and intellectually superior “Atheist.” -If you find yourself having an angry response to the terminology used here, then you might actually QUALIFY as the above-described individual…as Atheists have NO PROBLEM in returning  language such as this, AND WORSE, in their race to judge the sanity, intellect, and awareness of free-thinking individuals.  Yes…we are all WELCOME to believe what we CHOOSE to believe without the added judgments of those who feel themselves QUALIFIED to attach their own personal labels to our essence.  -And then you must ask…AM I, THE AUTHOR, DOING THE SAME THING???  -Not exactly.-  Rather, I am demonstrating the inconsistencies within an ideology which seeks to AGAIN to displace, and then pass judgment on the ideologies of others without entertaining the full-spectrum of TRUTHS born from BOTH.

Often, you will find Atheists taking up positions of superiority, very much like those with a Christian mindset who have never read anything of historical quality beyond the Bible itself.  In fact, much of the Atheist mindset is one which often chooses the position of, “Devil’s advocate,” against the bible rather than support their theories with actual scientific discoveries which would provide contradictory evidence to the religion in which they disagree.   To further this point, the majority of Atheism’s points of reference regarding arguments against religion isn’t substantiated by science or mathematics, rather, they tend to focus on the inconsistencies within “the bible itself,” which shows the stuck mind-set of Atheists and Theists alike.

For instance:  Do you sit and complain every day of your life that kids still believe in Santa Claus despite the fact that we know it to be a BOLDFACED LIE???  Is this something that eats you up to the point where you need to organize and create groups in order to destroy it?  Nope, for the most part, no one gives Santa a second thought until the time of year comes to once again to pretend in his existence for the sake of all the “good little children.”

The Atheist argument against my last statement would be:  But Mike, those who believe in Santa aren’t affecting the way that we perceive the world.  Santa believers don’t lobby, nor do they have an influence in world politics.

My answer:  Really?  Santa doesn’t shape the way that you live, or perceive the world?  Well…how about the many Walt Disney movies made and specifically designed to instill the belief of Santa Claus in your children?  How about all of the commercials that you and your family are bombarded with each year which not only influence the choices of gifts made by your children, but also influence the choices you make when purchasing for other loved-ones?  How about the fact that you must BUDGET every year to ensure that your children get “The gifts of their choice?” Better yet, how about the fact that two, sometimes 3 months before Christmas even begins, you’re hearing commercials on the radio and seeing advertisements REMINDING you to get prepared to SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY for the Holidays?  If you think Santa hasn’t somehow affected the reality that you perceive, then you’re delusional.  ISN’T IT AMAZING HOW MUCH A MYTH, OR A LIE, CAN COMPLETELY CONTROL THE WAY THAT YOUR WORLD OPERATES?  You might want to give some deeper thought into that last question.

Atheist Response: The next maneuver here is for the Atheist to remind me that the very day we celebrate as Christmas is based entirely upon the birth of Christ, henceforth making Christmas a Christian Holiday.  First, as most Atheists are already aware of…we have no proof that Christ was born on this day.  Secondly, if Christmas were truly based on Christ, then wouldn’t he be the POPULAR guy with endless gifts riding the sleigh of reindeer while scaling people’s chimneys and getting ripped on eggnog?  Instead, Christ is rarely mentioned during this Western Holiday and Christmas has turned into a celebration of the material which is everything that Christ stood against.

But, lets see how the BIBLE depicted Jesus’s stance on trade and material possessions…

-Mathew 21:12-
“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.”

-Mathew 19:21- A man of wealth asks Jesus what he would need to do in order to enter the kingdom of heaven:

Jesus said unto him, “If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.”

Jesus realized the perverse nature of commerce because it is based around GREED and SELF-INTEREST.  I highly doubt that if Jesus came back today that he would be too pleased to find that his “supposed birthday” became about a fat guy in a red suit all souped up on something strong enough to make his reindeer fly in the sky and deliver children material possessions through a chimney.  Whatever Christmas currently represents (PROFIT) has nothing to do with the supposed “Christian Holiday,” in which is was born; but the sad part is this, MOST CHRISTIANS CELEBRATE IT AS SUCH and readily accept this modern perversion of the birth of their supposed, “God.”  Hypocrisy can be found in every religion, institution, and BELIEF and unfortunately, the bad now outweighs the good.


Nonetheless, back to Atheism.

Today’s Atheist appears to be a “CLOSET THEIST,” who simply chose to reject the control and confusion instilled upon them by organized religion. If there in fact is no God in existence, then TRULY, there’s nothing to RAGE AGAINST, therefore, nothing to think about. Consider the individual who ALWAYS uses derogatory language against something that they supposedly deplore. Just like a monkey beating on his chest or like a peacock during the mating ritual, they will make a display so that everyone knows that they are the loudest, strongest, and the most staunch enemy of their chosen object of hatred.  Then comes that unfortunate day where EVERYONE FINDS OUT THAT THIS POOR VICTIM OF EGO WAS THE VERY ENEMY THAT THIS PERSON PREACHED MOST AGAINST…it happens EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY. ( examples: Rep. Foley, Televangelists, Pedophile Priests.  I could use other names besides Foley, but the list is too long).  Any time you expend energy in the process of hate, you are subject to becoming the very thing that you despise.  So, you might as well live and let live.

Despite the “Closet Theist’s” inherent hatred of the existence of religion, they seem to be some of the most educated when it comes to religion itself as they were either previous believers, or intellectuals who purposefully learned the path of their perceived “enemies,” for biblical ammunition in debate.  These are the types who study the bible for the expressed purpose of dominating others in religious or theological discussions.  I too am guilty of this logic in the fact that I have learned religion for the sake of pointing out inconsistencies, but, that is where the similarities end.  And although I am a nonbeliever of religion as a viable source to explain our creator, I have no personal Atheist claims or affiliation.  I do believe in a master creator of this particular Matrix, however, religion has absolutely failed in its attempt to explain it and has established a system for spiritual control rather than of collective freedom and liberation.  As it were, many Atheists are usually as equally familiar with DOCTRINE as are the “fundamentalists” in whom they disagree. If nothing else, simply by studying the “faith” and committing words to memory, they have “ACCEPTED” and have been “INFECTED” from this programming whether they are consciously aware of it or not; thereby making them just as susceptible and suggestible as anyone whom they view are trapped within “ignorance” from adhering to religion.  If one were to really contemplate the depth of this, they would understand that this would explain why the behavior of these Atheists are no different than that of which they despise…their belief systems are trapped in the exact same roots of confusion that their Christian predecessors are.   In fact, Atheists would have no cause or right to complain at all if the religions in which they DON’T BELIEVE IN, didn’t exist.  The existence of Atheism is totally dependent upon the existence of organized religion.  One could not survive without the other.

Atheism is becoming organized now. Atheism is seeking to influence and infiltrate the functioning of our Government as another special interest group in the very fashion of the Religions that they so vehemently despise. Since Atheism is an ideology, I must ask…with the behavior we just witnessed in the above link, what separates them as being more “socially evolved,” as they tend to believe, than any other religion seeking to control the thoughts and actions of a society?

If you ask me, its rare to ever see a true practitioner of any ideology.  WHY?  Because all ideologies have been created, and then subsequently INFECTED by the impurities of mankind and faulty interpretations.

We will never know the fullest scale of the grand functioning within the Universe as long as we remain in a finite matrix which sells us the illusion of death, but, to me…an Atheist is the equivalent to a flea which constantly denies the existence of the dog.  You are a living, breathing example of both creation and evolution.  You are special, but, no more special than those who share your existence.  And, if they share this existence with you, then their point of view must be heard and respected, whether right or wrong.  Do not attempt to control how people view the world or take away their faith unless you can provide them PROOF of something more tangible and REAL.  The Universe gave us all free will, and limiting someone else’s free will goes against the very wishes of the self aware engine in which created it.  The idea of personal freedom should exist within your personal mainframe whether you believe in God or not.

The information here is about as TRUTHFUL as any information that can be provided and, it is all backed by MSM sources that “Most Americans Trust.”  Interestingly enough, before the MSM started reporting on it, you really had to dig deep for this information because it was being buried quite quickly in the internet.  However, certain world events have renewed journalistic interest in this growing problem to the point where it could no longer be ignored. (BTW, everything highlighted in orange are links to be clicked on.  I always inform people of that, JUST IN CASE.)

Before Starting, let me Provide Americans the Solution to all of this: Iceland IMPRISONS BANKERS and rebuilds ECONOMY (With VOLITION, it can be done here)

Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis

Today, I am posting a new article to this blog because it completely supports the financial research that I have done and the REAL reason why the financial markets are going awry.  Incidentally, the reason of the former mentioned situation is ALSO the same reason(s) why we are currently going to war all over the Middle East and Africa…we are literally stealing oil at an unprecedented rate, BUT, GOLD is the main purpose for U.S. Aggression.  Because the Fractional Reserve’s inherent control over the markets due to its ability to falsely inflate or deflate entire economies due to the dollar’s lack of true value, other countries sought to balance the equation by returning to an asset based economy (The Gold Dinar) which was backed by genuine currencies. Many Autocratic regimes such as Libya moved towards this direction to limit American Purchasing powers of raw goods, therefore, NATO’s response was to bomb them into an oblivion because NATO as well as other European Countries are entirely dependent upon the Federal reserve’s form of fractional reserve banking, and its bastard son, the IMF.

Unfortunately for the banking cartels dependent upon Fractional Reserve Banking, SOON, the U.S. will have much larger barriers to entry and limited buying power within the Global economy due to a rising new trend in new and developing geopolitical economies.

NOW, before we get started, I must address something which has been brought to my attention just today, (Oct. 19, 2011) by a dear and respected soul.  Today, Bank of America and JP Morgan put the icing on the cake against the American populace, if not the entire world.  I will let the article do the speaking, but I will warn you…Anyone who tends to think for themselves, or has a high sense of awareness, WILL NOT LIKE WHAT THEY’RE ABOUT TO SEE and make no mistake, it WILL have very real consequences for everyone involved.

Tuesday Oct182011 HOLY BAILOUT – Federal Reserve Now Backstopping $75 Trillion Of Bank Of America\’s Derivatives Trades

Now, after you’ve LOOKED at the above link^^^^, look at the video below.  I will give you a quick spoiler.  The reason why the trader in the BELOW video is so confident in making a “prediction” about people’s savings being gone in 12 months is because he has inside information on the actions that Bank of America and JP Morgan just took against the American people.  Its pretty obvious with his blatant, almost egocentric candor.

In essence, once the Euro falls…AND IT WILL, the weight of both Europe’s failures and America’s dimly lit future will be placed upon the taxpayer of the U.S.  Once this happens, we will literally become disposable cattle as we will be worth more DEAD than alive; and judging by the elite’s renewed interest in population reduction, this will be all the excuse that they need to begin clean-up.  If you think this sort of thing doesn’t happen, or can’t happen TO YOU, let me point you to the world’s not too distant past. (The Former Soviet Union/Israel and Palestine/Serbia and Bosnia/Nazi Germany/Germany)…to name a few.

Revelations of the banking nightmare dating back to 1913. \”The End Game\”  This particular link is for those who want to really explore the truth depth of this financial reality.  It is THOROUGH.

Despite the reality of this situation, if done properly, this situation doesn’t even have to exist.

Let’s start with some “Realistic Levity,” and get to beef of how this financial situation has crept up on an unwitting public…

So, here we go…

Gadaffi\’s attempt at the Gold Dinar/Gold Standard. I am posting this simply as a primer.

Gold hits record as U.S. fears deepen

The Battle For Libya Is Almost Over… As Is The Battle For Its 144 Tons Of Gold

Libya has HUGE gold reserves

Below are links demonstrating how profitable it is to BET AGAINST ONE’S own economy.  There was a time that we used to call this TREASON and Insider Trading.  In fact, Martha Stewart spent time in prison for less.  By the way, Goldman and Sachs nearly single-handedly destroyed the entire country via this despicable route.  And before you try to point the blame at the Republicans here, keep in mind, it will be equally as profitable for the Democrats if they are able to push a raise in the debt ceiling.  You see, these people have become fat off of borrowing from foreign investors while placing all of the burden of borrowing on the tax payer, therefore, its a game of chess between parties to see who can become wealthier, QUICKER while sticking you and I with the bill.  If WE DO raise the debt ceiling, the only other direction to go will be for the rich to finally implement austerity measures  which will absorb every dime from our  few remaining entitlement programs meant to feed the poor, sick, and the elderly.  Just remember though…THEY ONLY TOOK WHAT WE WILLINGLY GAVE by our own inaction and apathy towards politics which directly affect us.  Too many of us unrealistically pushed for “The American Dream,” never thinking that such a dream might actually be flawed, rigged, and exploited.  BLINDED by materialism, greed, and self-motivation, we willingly played a game that we were never designed to win.  In fact, because our brokers regularly bet AGAINST the economy, then it was certainly DESIGNED to FAIL.  To the system, PROFIT IS PROFIT and has no loyalties to the other players in the game.

Eric Cantor profiting from U.S. Default

Intensive information on Cantor

Manufactured debt crisis

They\’re not joking…THIS IS REAL TO THEM. How about YOU???

A sobering reality…

How do you suppose that this is possible? Any alarm bells ringing yet???

Oh, by the way, this is a little information you might want to know as you dig further into this post.  I explain the situation in Libya quite well as you move further into this thread, but, here’s a little something that sets the stage of all this quite well…(Keep the below link in mind when understanding why a war is actually being fought in Libya.

Goldman and Sachs purposefully ROB Libya of over a Billion Dollars

I guess we must hate Libya\’s freedoms…

(Above is today’s edit of an older blog.  Below was my original blog unedited) Despite the fact that there is no real proof supporting or denying any claims with the Hugo Chavez’s current state of existence because of outlandish rumors, the financial information is accurate and sound.)


Well folks, I’m not sure how up-to-date you are on world politics, economics, and finances but I will go ahead and give you hints to look up to find these things out for yourself.  I have long since been blogging and have created threads on many of these very issues.  Listed below are reasons why political assassinations are occurring, including that of Hugo Chavez.

First, take a look at what Hugo Chavez was planning to do:

End of the Dollar Dictatorship? Hugo Chavez and Latin Leaders Hope to Bury the Greenback

Here’s what Venezuela’s Oil Minister recently said:

Venezuela\’s Energy Minister tells U.S. to \”Go to hell\”

Chavez Preparing Government Takeover of Venezuela’s Gold Mining Industry (He feels the squeeze coming and knows that the U.S. will stop at nothing to take from them what they’ve earned through hard work and nationalization.  However, the U.S. doesn’t believe in hard work, they believe in THEFT.

Now, here are the reasons for our current financial MESS/FIASCO

1. Fractional Reserve Banking

2. The rising Gold Standard and growing Russian/Chinese markets

3. Non-Stop Wars that are unsustainable (the very thing that “Supposedly” sunk the USSR specifically in Afghanistan)

4. The non-backing of the currencies which are circulating world-wide

(The below Paragraph was in relation to propaganda that the U.S. had spread about the “Death of Hugo Chavez.”  As it turned out, he was alive and well.  Just ignore the parts about Chavez’s death and focus on the information the speaks about why the U.S. might have wanted to assassinate him.)

Now, since this post isn’t necessarily about the current economic situation SPECIFICALLY, it is important to have a strong foundation of WHY our country is in the position that it is in order to understand why Chavez is now dead and why Venezuela seems to be experiencing outages in their power grids.  Anyway, Chavez had recently resigned to deal in nothing but solid currencies which were backed by very real gold which got them slapped with trade sanctions.  In fact Gaddafi had also made a similar decision and was in the process of changing certain Middle Eastern and African Countries in a new Dinar currency.  If such an event happened, it would practically destroy our Global purchasing power since lately, we seem to not only be misplacing Gold (WTC), but we also seem to be misplacing Trillions of dollars.  I don’t know if an American can even conceive of a TRILLION dollars, but, this is no small sum of money, especially when we have at least 11.3 Trillion unaccounted for.

The U.S. is getting desperate and so are the power elite that supports it.  (Rockefellers.)  This is the reason we are now running around in several countries attempting to reclaim through staged and influenced revolutions, what we are getting ready to lose.  This is also the reason why we are spreading wars through false flags and are currently attacking Venezuela’s power grid. (i.e. these are the very countries Ghaddafi had gained influence over.  (Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt.)  which are the very countries which have been destabilized by Western influence and are now either protesting or rioting.

Oh, and what was that nonsense about the IMF suggesting a dollar alternative just before their HUGE scandal?

IMF proposes alternative currency against the Dollar

Then suddenly, this happens

IMF Head Pointed Out in Lineup After Sexual Assault Allegations Read more:

Folks, had there been a dollar alternative created by the IMF, the U.S. would have been sunk in any ability to be a global competitor because our money IS NOT BACKED BY TRUE CURRENCIES…hence, the IMF scandal meant to discredit it and the leader who found out that the U.S. no longer had gold backing it.

The Real Reason for the Fall of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone

Then we have this:

US Federal reserve admits that it has no gold

Which led to this:

Ron Paul holds hearing on Gold Audit Bill

Ron Paul believes Fort Knox Gold is Gone

Did it ever occur to America that the reason why we practice Fractional Reserve Banking is because we don’t actually have anything backing it whatsoever?  Seriously Folks…our politicians have misplaced TRILLIONS of dollars and 911 Lost us a HUGE amount of gold.

WTC gold, missing money supply, and economic meltdown

America…You’ve been played.

First take a listen to what a very reputable source has to say concerning the Rockefellers…The Rockefellers control very powerful portions of the financial institution concerning banking and politics.  They own the Federal Reserve, other banking cartels etc.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t own the color, red.  Anyway…watch this video.  By the way Russo is a very respected member of the business world.

Here’s some information on Aaron Russo, just in case you think you have the “reputation” and the “know-how” to discredit him.

Aaron Russo

Next…let’s take a look at what Venezuela’s energy minister recently said to the U.S.  Pretty Harsh Words Here…and I want to make sure that this comes up twice in this thread using a different link.

Venezuelan Oil Minister Tells the U.S. to go to hell

Now, I also find it interesting that the moment that Chavez falls ill with something that appears fixable, his country starts to experience power outages which have never been a problem before:  Very convenient as well…

Whats going on in Venezuela? Power Blackouts in Energy Rich Country

So, now all of a sudden…we have this.

Just got off the phone with CNN news tips and Chavez Death Has been confirmed…

But, it doesn’t end there…Take a look at the REAL reason why we chose to go into Libya…


\”Gold hits record as U.S. debt fears deepen\” (YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION)   Yeah, I thought I would bring this link up one more time as a reminder of everything that you just digested.  All of the terrorism that has been occurring has been a result of a growing, new financial paradigm, and it is the result of the U.S. losing its totalitarian grip on the societies of the world.  Any country that attempts to resist using the American dollar as their currency for trade, whether it be oil or food, is subject to being attacked and labeled a “terrorist state.”  Got it yet???  We are in Libya, not because of human rights abuses and terrorist ties, but because Gadaffi was setting up a new currency to reduce U.S. influence in their region.  End of story.

India\’s gold and silver imports jump 80% to $31.1bn over six months

Chavez Taking back HIS GOLD.

If the U.S. were TRULY an anti-terrorist state that NEVER “negotiated with terrorists” as they claim, then why would we be employing THESE GUYS to do our dirty work in Libya?

Obama employs AL Qaeda to do U.S. Bidding and ADMITS IT.

In fact, Obama likes Al Qaeda SO MUCH, that he gave them their own Embassy right on U.S. Soil in Washington.  Now, isn’t that a generous move for a country at war with the very regime which supposedly attacked us on 911?

Obama Approves Al Qaeda Embassy In Washington (SHEER IRONY)

Oh and LOOK, we were getting quite cozy with him in 2007, but that all changed when Mr. Gadaffi was ripped off by Goldman and Sachs.

Gadaffi becoming best friends with United States of America

Look here, Goldman and Sachs and JP Morgan seem to be holding cash that isn\’t theirs…

Oops…Goldman and Sachs MISPLACE Gadaffi\’s 1.3 Billion fortune…

1.3 Billion Dollar Theft of Libya and Gadaffi/Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan

-And THIS was the reason why Gadaffi decided that it was time to have a real asset based economy regarding international trade, as Goldman and Sachs not only intentionally lost his money, but further profited against him by placing bets against him in a hedging strategy.  With that in mind, who appears to be the TRUE bad guys here???  I will not claim that Gadaffi is a noble and selfless individual, but, he does have a reputation for doing PROPER business.

Here’s one last item that you may see as unrelated, but in fact…its totally connected.

David Cameron\’s local Tory chairman found dead in Glastonbury toilet

Yeah, because everyone goes to a portable potty to off themselves…

You see, in a world where the proper finances aren’t backed by real currency, a GOLD STANDARD could be a very big thorn in the side for the elite who count on printing money without having it properly financially backed.  This just continues the enslavement of others at the folly of those who see no end to their greed.  Folks…LOOK AROUND.  Is this the America that you remember?  Is this the America that you want to represent to the rest of the world?  Right now we’re collapsing, and after this occurs, the world can either be completely handed over to the elite in exchange for control, or, you can rise up within your community and make a better tomorrow.  YOUR CHOICE.  And your choice is known by your ACTIONS.

I wish we were in a nation that was aware…I wish we were in a nation that actually cared.  As a nation of critical thinking and sentient beings, it would behoove us to know a bit of something about EVERYTHING, that way we are not so easily fooled and puppeteered by what directly benefits us.  We have long disconnected ourselves from the process of truly living free.  We have been convinced that Fascism is Capitalism and that CONTROL is SECURITY.  We have let our nation slip from between our fingers, and more to the point, GAVE OUR WORLD OVER TO A SELECT FEW ON A GOLDEN PLATTER WITH OUR COLLECTIVE HEADS ON IT.

You must begin to think critically to see the chess pieces move, otherwise you’re playing a game that you were never designed to win.  Quit being a bartering tool or a pawn in someone else’s game.  Create your own rules…LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF.  And LOVE THYSELF as you are a reflection of the infinite creation that is the Universe.

Here’s one last video to help you understand what is happening in your world.  Please watch this video and THINK…

Bank of America Lynch[ing this] CountryWide\’s Equity Is Likely Worthess and It Will Rape FDIC Insured Accounts Going Bust

Hopefully, by taking the time to read this, you have a MUCH better understanding of why the political and economic climate of the world is changing.  We are in far deeper than you could imagine.

Is there a way out???  YES…it all simply depends whether you’re willing to go ALL THE WAY, and make the proper decisions to help manifest the change.  You have to be willing to let go of everything you have known and EMBRACE the POSITIVE CHANGE OF LOVE FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.  -And then, you have to plan around the markets ACCORDINGLY, which means, you must know how to profit when a market is on the downturn.  Some of us are waiting…just waiting for the right moment.

Eternal LOVE to all…


Well, just recently, a girl named Lauren Spierer disappeared from my hometown of Bloomington Indiana, in fact, it has now made national news and will be featured on “America’s most wanted.”

Here’s some interesting facts about her “disappearance,” that most people aren’t aware of.
1. This disappearance has caused proposed legislation of CCTV cameras EVERYWHERE in Bloomington.
2. An IUPD Police Officer Kills himself at the Football Stadium one week before her disappearance.
3. 3 murders happen in the same week here in Bloomington that are overshadowed.
4. Tons of news crews come to this town, and BPD does nothing for the first 3-4 days until News cameras are there, and then they start kicking in doors like a bunch of testosterone filled Teenagers.
5. Lauren Spierer disappears almost 11 years TO THE DAY, of Jill Behrman’s disappearance which ALSO made national news and was featured on “America’s MOST WANTED.”

Folks, anytime something is used for POLITICAL GAIN, I begin thinking that things have been SET-UP. And, anytime a police officer KILLS himself under ODD circumstances, things take a different turn.

IUPD officer kills self:

IUPD officer commits suicide under odd circumstances

1. Interesting because, he never had a history of depression
2. His wife didn’t notice any odd behavior
3. How many people depressed enough to kill themselves clock into work, take their own gun (especially when he had a department issued gun) and then blow their heads off at a Stadium? Of note here: he killed himself at an area where cops regularly meet to talk and hang-out.

Proposed legislation of CCTV and Bloomington political gain:,0,1279018.story

CCTV may come to Bloomington due to Speirer abduction case
Spierer and Behrman: Here’s a write up showing similarities.

Behrman and Spierer, exactly 11 years apart from each other. (11…there’s that MAGIC NUMBER)

1. Behrman’s father joins the manhunt
2. America’s most wanted uses this as another excuse for ratings.
3. Both families are relatively “wealthy.”
4. Both girls are relatively attractive

No one can get a handle on how many she was with, or who was technically with her. All evidence, just like the Behrman case is being obfuscated.

Here’s a possible theory:
1. dead cop might have had “knowledge” that something was going down. Again, he had no history of depression and was leaving behind a wife and two children. (He was also formerly in the military) Again, why wait to clock in to work and then work nearly a full shift before going to a popular cop meeting point to kill oneself???
2. the point where Spierer disappeared is HEAVILY patrolled on weekends. BPD and IUPD make tons of money ticketing people and getting them with DWI’s and other such methods of money making.
3. Spierer disappears 11 years to the day after Behrman…and if there’s any significance, 11 is a powerful number to those who are FAMILIAR with “Illumination,” which would indicate that this “disappearance,” may go on a much larger scale than expected. (just a theory here.)
4. All evidence is being bumbled yet again. BPD claims that the place of residence where Spierer was staying was blocking them from investigation. This is “incorrect.” BPD intentionally waited until the cameras were there to act like badasses. It was like watching a bunch of kids junked up on steroids kicking in a door for the first time in their lives. Pathetic.

What are the chances that the POLICE had something to do with this? What are the chances that this might be connected to something bigger? 2 children abducted from wealthy parents with 11 years separating them? A police officer blowing his own head off a week before? 3 separate murders in Bloomington which are totally ignored for a missing child case which happens in the exact same week?

Not to mention that there’s been a ton of odd activity/behavior out here that is very hard to explain. Your guess is as good as mine…