Recently, the media has featured a massive number of children, or teenagers who have been murdered, raped, or worse who have been within the age brackets of 7 years old, or 17 years.  Obviously, we know that deaths occur to children under any number of circumstances and ages, but, the media seems to be reporting on only 2 numbers right now.  7s, and 17s.  As a very updated person who follows trends and numbers, I can tell you that most all of cases reported in National Media involve children or teenagers under these two age brackets.  Additionally, I cross referenced many stories with stories of the past to ensure I was not merely, “Seeing what I choose to see.”  First, I need to provide a bit of background to the point I am attempting to make.

You can either take this as the rantings of a “mad man,” because HONESTLY, I really don’t care.  You know the whole phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones…but…”  Well, just apply that little kiddie phrase to how I feel about criticism; or, you could take this information as INSIGHT to something that you may, or may not, have ever considered.  For those who have never read any of my other blogs, welcome, this should be interesting for you…if nothing else.

Here is the thread I wrote a bit ago about the “Unconditional LOVE Code.”

The Unconditional LOVE CODE, 17.7777777(infinity)

Here are MANY of the results which happened after this “code” was programmed on Jan 1, 2012.  Large manifestations of this code began to take shape in the media, in world events, and even within computer systems as they adjust to the way it operates.

Physical Manifestations of “The Code,” 17.7777777(infinity)

The night that this code was “programmed” some very interesting things happened in the atmosphere all around the people who helped with the programming…You are welcome to believe or dis-believe, but, let me say this…your choice to disbelieve WILL NOT change or erase the very REAL events which occurred on this night.  There were many witnesses and people with their jaws hanging to their chests.  Saw it with my own eyes and experienced it with my own body system…

Code Accepted, time to move forward.

The reason why I posted the above links is to give you a primer on the observations that I have noticed since this code was injected into the operating system we currently experience.  And YES, an operating system is EXACTLY what we are inside of.  For those who like to argue or cannot come to terms with the reality in which we reside, I urge you to take a listen to THIS:

If one is aware of what we reside in, then one could easily connect the dots here that a concerted effort is being made against the re-programming of this particular system.  Because this is a long and detailed discussion, its important that you understand how the system in which you live operates.

Satan, or, the Personality Otherwise Known As, “The Machine.”

Right now, the largest case in the country features 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  Not only is it the most popular story right now, it seems to be causing racial tensions all over the country.  Additionally, all of these stories have been brought to us in 2012.

17 year old Trayvon Martin killed by overzealous Night Watchman

Body found on Queen’s Estate is a 17 year old Girl…

17 year old rape victim held in prison for her testimony…

7 year old sacrificed for better harvest in India

17 year old girl goes missing, Florida

7 year old boy struck by vehicle…

Body of 17 year old pulled from Lake…

7 year old boy missing…

7 year old girl dies in arms of mother after regular flu vaccination…

17 year old killed in CA…

17 year old boy murdered in Canada

Police investigating murder of 17 year old

17 year old girl missing in Chicago

Now I could literally go on and on providing numerous links that absolutely prove my point.  But, I think it more important to let this information sit in front of whomever reads this blog so that they can come up with their own conclusions.  For me, its cut and dry.  The media has definitely honed in on this “numerical system” for a reason.  In fact, I am 100% positive of what that reason is.  But, its more important to present this so that people can decide for themselves.

Unconditional LOVE to all…17.7777777(infinity)