As one should already be aware, the Gulf of Aden is being heavily patrolled by the world’s Naval forces which is composed of both “friend and foe” alike.  Now, there seems to be a rare few people who attempt to think beyond the cover story that they’ve been given for having over 134 of the World’s Naval forces circling this relatively small area where we are told that “Somali Pirates” have been lurking.  -Excuse me, what was that?-  Pirates?

Naval efforts rise to combat Piracy in Somalia

So, we’re expected to BELIEVE that a group of rag tag pirates have become SO INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS and POWERFUL (I almost can’t finish this without falling over laughing) that the very small area of the Gulf of Aden needs constant 24/7 surveillance by multiple world powers who have all come together for the valiant purposes of taking down a bunch of under-funded pirates.

-Do you realize that we don’t have this type of firepower in WAR ZONES?-  That’s right.  None of this beefed up, steroidal show of force exists in all of our recent endeavors combined.  This includes Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, etc. –

-So…um, are these “pirates” THAT DANGEROUS?  Nope…here’s a picture of such pirates.Image

Yep, here they are…these guys BARELY have the means to get from one point to the next with their “glorified fishing boats,” let alone wage war against even one capable Naval force.  And, if the world is admitting that it takes this brand of power to fight against a stone-aged opponent, then, maybe our technology isn’t as advanced as we pretend it to be.  As you can CLEARLY see, the strongest weapon that they carry would be a loaded “rocket launcher,” and that’s not enough for me even to dial 911 to call the police for.  There are guys from my old neighborhood who would have already robbed, beaten, and sent them back to their mommies while teaching them a lesson in the proper handling of a firearm.  I also want to note that this above picture comes from stock photos provided by OUR OWN MEDIA.

Now…lets entertain some realism here, otherwise known as “TRUTH.”

Here are the facts about “The Gulf Of Aden.”  Recently, scientists discovered a magnetic anomaly which caused a massive vortex to start spinning in the ocean thereby producing an enormous whirlpool leading 7 miles underwater.  With such depth, you can only imagine the size of the actual whirlpool itself.  Additionally, it created some sort of atmospheric phenomenon which has spawned an undulating electromagnetic spiral in the sky composed of multiple colors and hues.  Scientists are calling this the “The Gulf of Aden Magnetic Anomaly and the Curie Temperature Isotherm,” and are attributing this to “seafloor spreading.”  However, they aren’t explaining why such rapid “seafloor spreading” would be occurring and why it started so abruptly…now are they?  I think that they figure if they put a word which people could automatically recognize as “Scientific” that the people will simply say, “Well, they’ve got a word for it, so, it must be okay and they officially have this situation “under control.”  The truth is…they have NOTHING under control, which is the reason why 134 of the world’s navies are currently surrounding it.  -They’re scared-  They have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO.  So, as opposed to facing up to the idea that they’re completely paralyzed and helpless to understanding this situation, they have created a cover story which gives them the excuse to have a massive military presence in that region.  Below is the scientific article that has been provided.  Before, the “cause” of this particular spiral was specifically marked as “unknown,” but, now they’ve got a “theory” or a name in which they’ve manufactured for purposes of posterity.  -This means NOTHING.-

Link to abstract: Gulf of Aden Magnetic Anomaly and the Curie Temperature Isotherm

Magnetic Anomaly, Gulf of Aden…

Now, let’s have a looksy of just HOW MANY articles and posts that I can find of the world’s most powerful navies and their reasons for cruising the gulf with so many other coalitions of friends and foes alike.  Keep in mind, any ONE of these world powers should be able to handle the simplistic problem of pirates in kiddie boats.

Task Force 150

Iran:Iranian Intervention in Gulf Of Aden

China: Chinese intervention in Gulf of Aden

Glorified propaganda from the U.S., because to the U.S. everything is a movie:U.S. intervention in gulf of aden

The rest of these, just copy and past into your browser







The EU:

And the list goes on and on, and ON. This “Magnetic Anomaly appeared almost a month after the Norway Spiral that occurred while PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS THERE ACCEPTING THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.  There are many insinuations that I want to make right now concerning this, but, its better that people take pieces of this puzzle and begin to assemble them ON THEIR OWN.

Here is a video of “The Norway Spiral as captured by NBC.”

The Norway Spiral which occurred very close to the Eiscat/Haarp facility in Norway:

Now, there are several versions of what people think that this magnetic anomaly is.  I will provide a few VIDEOS which demonstrate the possibilities:  Copy and paste these into your browser-

This video is long and involved, but, worth your time.  This man is not lying by any stretch of the imagination.  The things that he says borderlines what many consider to be the “lunatic fringe,” however, those who dismiss this man as insane have no experiences of their own in order to relate to the very real things that he is speaking of. Additionally, when one dismisses something of this magnitude as a “work of fantasy” before doing background research, they can often end up making themselves look very foolish in the end.  I very much trust Aaron McCollum’s words.  Not because I am naive or trusting, but, because I have had my OWN experiences in which to judge.  This is what is known as KNOWLEDGE.

By the way, this is the very reason why movies like these are being made:

Whether you want to believe this or not, I’ve seen things with my own eyes that would make people question everything around them.  Most people have had the LUXURY of remaining asleep and innocent of the world in which they live.  That’s about to end.  You can no longer afford to be a surface thinker, and you can no longer afford to sit in the pleasurable seat of denial.  When these illusions come, and they’re coming fast, you’d better be on your A game.

Additional Information regarding the Norway Spiral/Gulf of Aden.  According to Wikileaks, president Obama was hidden in a 2012 bunker, and they give information that this was a former “Top Secret” file.