Before beginning this thread, I want to provide Americans a solution for all of this: Iceland IMPRISONS BANKERS and rebuilds ECONOMY (With VOLITION, it can be done here)

Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis

Well, I had a pretty hearty chuckle today.  It seems as if information is flowing through the cracks that CANNOT be stopped.  Today we find out the the Director of the Center of Disease Control has been BUSTED engaging in acts of pedophilia and bestiality.  Hmmmm.  So, I wonder…Is this an isolated incident of sorts???

CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality

Now we have a VERY influential and famous COACH from Pennsylvania that has now been outed for the pedophile that he is.  Is this some sort of COINCIDENCE?  This one reaches a particular low because people were so GREEDY that they actually rioted in favor of keeping this VERY SICK MAN ON THEIR PAYROLL.

Penn State riots after football coach fired

Penn State Scandal: Jerry Sandusky Rumored To Have \’Pimped\’ Boys To Donors: REPORT

Bernie Fine Investigation: Syracuse Basketball Coach Has Home Searched By Police In Sex Case

Are these merely isolated incidences?  I don’t think so.  In fact, I would wager that the higher up one is within the political, MILITARY, business, or entertainment fields, the more likely that this behavior becomes more apparent.  Keep in mind that a very few Corporations as well as people run, and operate the majority of the world.

USAF General Caught By Wife With Child Porn, Kills Himself

Former Child Protection Advocate Mark Foley’s Sexual Scandal Involving Underaged Boys

Pedophilia is Hollywood’s biggest problem…Hollywood is intricately tied to POLITICS

Michael Jackson’s history…

-Many will not like the fact that I mention Mr. Jackson here, but, it only takes a bit of actual critical thought to see that all of the symptoms exist.  OF COURSE HE DID IT. -He’s had quite the penchant for children dating all the way back to his regular visits in the White House with Ronald Reagan.  Building a private ranch which boasted a theme park specifically built for kids on your PRIVATE QUARTERS is a bit too obvious for anyone to ignore, yet, because of his fan’s love for his music, they turn a blind eye to the very realities, and nightmares, that Michael Jackson brought against at least 2 children and God knows how many more.  Michael was in a position of privilege where he could have brought balance to troubled children and make amends for his own twisted life, but just like Penn State Scandal, more details are coming out about the fact that Sandusky, just like Michael,  literally started children’s organizations so that he could groom them at will.  –You must use your reasoning skills here and drop your personal feelings for the situation because this spans all across the boards of the “machine of the elite.-”

Right now, the most powerful, POLITICAL, and influential religion is…Christianity.  Am I claiming that all Christians are a part of this horrible scheme against children??? NO.  Am I claiming that all Christians are evil?  NO.  In fact I know MANY wonderful representatives of that faith, and personally, I’m a huge fan of Jesus and his teachings.  However…it doesn’t mean that all who come in the name of Christianity are good; in fact, the very bible that Most Christians read specifically states that “many will come in my name,” and to be aware because, they are hypocrites who’s purpose is to DECEIVE.  –Written pretty direct and in plain language— And its funny because no matter how many times a prophet comes proclaiming the end of this civilization, or speaking to be the messiah, tons of people follow them despite the fact that their bible warns against it, and the prophets always fall FLAT ON THEIR FACES.  Harold Camping got 3 tries…and had people believing all the way until the last “FAIL.”  Here’s the LITERAL BIBLICAL QUOTE:

“For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”

Mathew 24:5.

So, what exactly am I saying then? ————————————————————————————————–

I am claiming that those who have been in charge of shaping Christian minds have been flawed and soiled from the BEGINNING, and roots which begin with nefarious intentions, usually end that way.

So, lets take a walk over to the Vatican and see what we can dig up…(Now, because there are literally SO many cases involving pedophilia and the Catholic Church, we’re just going to go ahead and provide one link.

Vatican Warned Irish Bishops Not to Report Abuse

Now, once we leave the Vatican and go down the hall and to the left, you find The OBAMA ADMINISTRATION  helping to ensure that Pedophile Priests are not prosecuted or pursued in ANY WAY.

Obama administration backs Vatican in pedophile case

Obama Passes Laws To Protect Pedophiles

Why is the Obama Administration protecting pedophile priests???

Obama backed U.S. company Dyncorp Busted For Pedophilia

Halliburton and Dyncorp Provide Child Prostitutes for Afgan Elite

Flow Chart of funneled money

U.S. tax dollars funds pedophilia and rape

Once you leave the White house and go further down the hall to the left, you find that Obama is in with all of the BANKING CARTELS which consequently OWN Dyncorp and Halliburton.

38 Reasons to dump Obama (this link will provide you with TONS of dirt regarding the Obama Administration

Interestingly ENOUGH, once you leave the banking Cartels and go back up the hall to the VATICAN, you now find the Vatican OPENLY influencing WORLD ECONOMIC POLICY…as if they were BANKERS.

The Vatican Ushers in \”The Mark of the Beast,\” NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC PLAN…

Vatican thinking they can appeal to the O.W.S. movement to Start New Global Economic Order

I want you to look at the language in the above link made by the pope: “A move towards humanism.”

The Devil\’s Advocate, 1:35, Satan claims to be a HUMANIST (Trust me, its not a coincidence that this word would be used by religion and mocked in the entertainment industry as something repeated by Satan himself)   I also want you to note, that in this particular movie, in order to bring out the Anti-Christ, Keanu Reeves would have had to impregnated his half sister.  (The incest theme, which has circulated around the ROYAL FAMILIES FOR CENTURIES.)

Here’s our most recent example OF THAT:  Seriously- How do you think Royal Bloodlines STAY ROYAL?

Wills and Kate, kissing cousins! How the Royal lovebirds are related thanks to a Tudor tyrant so bloodthirsty he\’s been airbrushed from history Read more:

Now folks.  If all these people run around together, and all these people are in affiliation with secret little sex clubs which they call societies…Chances are they’re all the SAME TYPES OF PEOPLE WITH THE SAME TYPES OF MOTIVES.  Get my drift???  In other words, the majority of the people IN CHARGE OF OUR LIVES are complete and total child molesting, incestuous scum bags who have a penchant towards bestiality, murder, war, human hunting, and every sexual perversion that has ever existed.  They’re the worst of the worst, and many of them have done things that you’d rather not try to stomach hearing before eating a meal.  THEY ARE THE DARK ONES.  There’s a reason why they are the ELITE.  There is a reason why they are all AFFILIATED with one another…and they ONLY appoint people who have been through the “proper channels.”

The entertainment business is no different and you’ve had people who have tried to inform you of this for years either through music or interviews.  Although both of them were a couple of idiots, they weren’t lying when they said that pedophilia was the most rampant problem in the movie and television industry. (Corey Haim, Corey Feldman.)  Then there was Michael Jackson, one of the most influential artists in history who was a regular guest at the WHITE HOUSE. (Yes, of course he DID it.)  Denial can be a very ugly thing, especially for a fan with stars in their eyes.  This man had been accused of molestation over a 20 YEAR PERIOD.  The same people who run the stock markets are the same people who own the corporations who produce OUR MOVIES.  Do I really need to go into the “Disney THING?”

For instance: Bob Dylan ADMITS to selling his soul to something that many people “don’t believe in.”  However, if you quantify the results of Mr. Dylan being a MILLIONAIRE versus the typical, uneducated “Blue Collar” skeptic, I would have to say that the results speak for themselves. -Now personally, I KNOW THAT THERE ARE POWERS OUT THERE.  However, in my personal experience, “They aren’t what many believe them to be.  Perception can be a bitch.”  NONETHELESS…Trust me when I say…they’re not being figurative.

Bob Dylan Admits Selling His Soul For Fame

Katy Perry, sells soul to the devil???

Eminem is pretty SPECIFIC here…And No, he\’s not just blowing hot air

I could go into scandal after scandal regarding the outright depravity of our political, social, and religious structures, but…if you haven’t been paying attention to things well enough to understand that you live in a “DEMONIC CAGE,” then by all means, continue to revel in it as it is flushed back into SLUMS of hell where it belongs.  Understand that I am being both figurative and literal when I say such things.  To me, the word “hell” is empty and has no real meaning.  To the average person, their general understanding of  “hell” entails a fire filled, wrathful, demonic nightmare influenced by Christian dogma and entertainment.  In fact, in many ways, its SO over-the-top, that its comical.  -The reality of hell is much, much, much more sobering…and far more PHYSICAL than what your current understanding of pain can comprehend.  -THAT I PROMISE-  And, you’ll see that in the end, THERE WAS NEVER A GOD JUDGING YOU, only YOU judging yourself. -That’s when things get REALLY cold-

So now, let me ask you.  Do you STILL want those people in office, or the pulpits, or the major corporations, on television influencing the minds of your children???  If not, DO SOMETHING and have them IMPRISONED.

Older, yet fairly recent cases of influential people being busted for child pornography, pedophilia, bestiality:

‘Dance Crew’ Judge Busted for Child Molestation

What do most of the BELOW links all have in common?  They’re all veterans of the departments that they work for.  In other words, they’re all high ranking members of their institutions…the people with THE MOST POWER.  -The Problem is Institutional and Systemic.  Otherwise, I would NOT have this list…

Veteran LAPD officer, 54, charged with possession of child pornography

Capitol Police officer arrested in child pornography sting

Police Officer Arrested In Child Porn Investigation

Investigators: Paterson police officer arrested on child pornography charges

Aurora Police officer arrested for possession of child pornography

Judge arrested over child porn A senior Crown Court judge has been arrested over child pornography allegations.

Judge arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Judge Facing Pornography Charges Is Unopposed on Ballot

News / Former School Security Officer Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Former Mobile County assistant district attorney Steven Giardini arrested on child pornography, enticement charges

Attorney arrested on child porn charges

Former Alabama prosecutor arrested on enticement, child porn charges

Manhattan DA: Massive Child Cyber Porn Sting Ends With 26 Arrests

Australian Politician Arrested For Child Pornography

State Senate Aide Possessed Child Pornography, U.S. Says

Democrat Staffer Arrested For Child Porn, Media Quiet

TSA Screener Arrested For Child Pornography

Veteran DEA agent Darren Argento busted for having child porn on personal laptop

DEA Employee Accused of Making Child Porn

Former DEA employee accused in child pornography case

Top Fort Drum Officer Arrested On Child Porn Charges

A partial list of democratic pedophiles

Re: FBI agents arrested for pedophilia- no child left untouched

Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope’s Adviser Read more:,8599,2072613,00.html#ixzz1ensRSsWS

Vatican Christmas Shocker! Pope says child rape isn’t that bad, was normal back in his day

Republican Pedophilia

This is but a small list.  However, a list of this magnitude is far more than one should expect from the people who are supposedly placed there for our “best interests.”  We have consistently shown that we have not the discernment to allow elected leaders make decisions for us.  So, its now time to apologize to ourselves for falling asleep at the wheel, and take the control back in a UNIFIED, LOVING FASHION.