Before we get started, I want to provide the OBVIOUS SOLUTION UP FRONT: Iceland IMPRISONS BANKERS and rebuilds ECONOMY (With VOLITION, it can be done here)

Thank you to all Unions, organizers, businesses, the Marine Corps for joining the cause and understanding what this movement is TRULY about.  The media has attempted to marginalize this effort with the same fervor as they did with the Tea Party (In which WE HAVE NO AFFILIATION).  Much of the same disinformation campaigns, rumors, and insults have surfaced, but, this time…more people have seen this tactic truly for what it is…A way for the government to continue to act with impunity and not address the systemic problems, illegal activities, and other concerns of CORRUPTION which ARE DESTROYING OUR NATION.  It’s not a matter of IF, it is happening…because the signs are now far to great for our citizens to ignore.  This protest is for every working man and woman who contribute to the functioning of this society who are now overlooked and purposefully robbed of their financial and personal independence.  If the founding fathers were alive now, I could only imagine the retribution that THEY would recommend   -LET IT BE LOUD AND CLEAR THOUGH…we DO NOT desire violence in any fashion as this is a movement that can only be achieved through LOVE and PEACE. -The people have FINALLY FIGURED OUT that they have been herded just like cattle, and sentient beings do not value slavery.  It is time to let this system of servitude collapse, otherwise the architects of it will never understand their mistakes.  It can and will be rebuilt, for the people and by the people.  No more bailouts.  No more austerity measures, unless of course, it is extracted from the bankers whom will be imprisoned, stripped of all of their finances and political affiliations.  There WILL BE NO COMFORTABLE federal prisons offered either, as it is now time to consider giving full control back to individual states and removing the Federal Government altogether.  This will NOT be a system of anarchy, it will be a system of community, sensible laws, and personal freedom.

So…The mission here should be clear and simple.  1st. WE WON’T BE CO-OPTED by anyone in the Democratic or Republican parties.  They failed us.  Those days are over.  We welcome anyone from all sides of the isles to join our cause, but, for the sake of keeping the cause pure and FOCUSED, an exercise against any partisan alignment must be practiced, for, this will be the very method in which the movement is infiltrated.   Obama failed us…Bush failed us, as did all the presidents who have existed since 1913.  2. We REQUIRE the imprisonment of the banking cartels and ANYONE who is affiliated with them either politically, or economically.  I suspect that this would require the removal of everyone within the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government.  Realistically, Its the ONLY viable solution to an ever increasing problem that will only return even more evolved just as any virus does if not purged completely.  -This is not a call for chaos, violence, or anger.-  Our economy is completely blown now, and realistically, it WILL NOT maintain itself for much longer.

Lets take a look at what these people have TRULY done BESIDES starting war after war for their own profits.

Just recently, they tried to leverage economic WAR against their own people (The Manufacturer’s and Unions) by trying to falsely manipulate China’s market.  China, in whom we depend now, did NOT take this very lightly.

China threatens trade war

Then recently, Harry Reid had to intervene…

Harry Reid Busts up Senate Floor with…

This above article outlines the harm that would have been incurred upon the remaining manufacturing base of our country had we allowed the Democratic Base to falsely manipulate China’s currency. -They see no end to how far they want to bankrupt this world.-
So, now lets look at the OTHER stuff that has been known of the banking cartels…

15 Signs that the US housing market is headed for complete and total collapse

My summary of the above link goes like this: Millions have been put out of their homes and have lost gainful employment because the economy was being falsely manipulated to fail so that it could be profited from.  It was made possible ONLY by the banking cartels.

Weather Derivatives, and betting on DISASTERS

Well, how could you really bet on the weather, unless you could INFLUENCE the conditions to make it so?  That is all the further that I will comment on that.

Goldman and Sachs PROFITS from deepwater Horizon, one day before it sinks

Now, why on earth would one find themselves MAGICALLY betting on the Deepwater Horizon ONE day before its DEMISE?  Did they have FOREKNOWLEDGE???

Betting on FAMINE

Food speculation: \’People die from hunger while banks make a killing on food\’

If you thought they couldn’t sink any further into the depths of depravity,…SURPRISE…they created conditions to where they could profit of the sick, elderly and dying…

Wall Street manipulates Death Markets

All of these are ways in which the Elite and the Banking system have profited from the United States Citizen while manipulating our entire lives through money, media, food, and corporate oligarchies which see NO END to their lusts for control and wealth.  They’ve taken our homes, our jobs, our manufacturing, and left America with no viable ways to be self sufficient.  Our “democracy” was always a REPUBLIC, and we lost our souls far before we knew what had replaced our God.  This is the rise of a Totalitarian, Fascist, State.  In fact, we’ve been in it all along.  Wake up!!!

And of course…SUBPRIME LENDING while artificially inflating and deflating markets

This is not a game to these people and they need to be removed from any influence of world economies and markets.  This may seem unrealistic to many, but, I assure you…if they are not removed in a clean NON-VIOLENT sweep by allowing their system to collapse, it will come back again and again like a virus.  NO MORE BAILOUTS or Austerity measures of any kind unless it directly affects those who engineered this collapse.  They should be stripped of ALL INCOME, ASSETS, and political affiliations.  They should be imprisoned without harm.  This should cross all partisan boundaries in one common goal.  To rebuild what we have lost because, I highly doubt we will ever be receiving reparations.

If they want a Mission Statement, I think we’ve found it.

Last, but certainly NOT LEAST, this movement should be based out of the LOVE we have for our fellow man, and not necessarily the disdain we have for the actions of the few.  Give LOVE to all.