Recently I read an article that really unnerved me, especially considering the current state of the world, the environment, and our shift towards violent weather as the “norm.”  Right now, there are places where disasters have struck from years past that still have not recovered.  New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is a great American example of how disasters can have long lasting effects upon a population and an economy.  Those in Joplin, MO are still attempting to piece their lives back together as a nightmare of epic proportions visited them in the early spring of this year. Many people within that population are still experiencing dramatic after effects which have increased mortality rates, spread pestilence, and have led to all sorts of financial problems within their community.

This is the VERY reason for my attempt to appeal to the New Yorker’s sense of fortune in that they didn’t have to count themselves as another sad statistic of circumstance.  Keep in mind that when you read this blog, I am not addressing New Yorkers on a collective level as there are plenty of people in New York who have intelligent, respectful, and enlightened minds.  I am addressing the cocksure, prideful, and arrogant New Yorker that has convinced him/herself that because of their geographic location that they are somehow tougher, or more equipped to handle the trials of life that are thrown at us without warning.  If you were to ask me, 911 proved that New Yorkers don’t quite live up to the reputation that they generously give themselves.

Ultimately, this article really wouldn’t have bothered me so much if I hadn’t seen much of the same sentiment expressed by New Yorkers in other forums where the dangers of Hurricane Irene were being discussed.  Here is the article in question:

Irene fails to \”wow\” New Yorkers

Personally, I felt this as a slap to the face of every single person on this planet that was praying for the safety and protection of our fellow brothers and sisters in New York.  In fact, and although it cannot be proven, it may have been these very “prayers” that mitigated the effects of what could have been an otherwise “disastrous act of God,” in a highly populated area of the world.

I was SO annoyed with the tone of this link that I went ahead and posted this story to Facebook with THIS attached statement as my opening evaluation of the link…

“Oh, is that what they wanted? To be entertained and wowed??? Well, maybe next time when mother nature chooses to wipe NY out because of their VANITY and PRIDE, it will qualify as better theme ride material. And to think, there were people PRAYING for their safety…”

After I posted this to my facebook, I also posted the below statement in the comments section to support my reasons for being appalled by the article and any New Yorkers who shared these less-than-favorable views on the strength of hurricane Irene.  For once people, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS FOR BEING ALIVE as opposed to criticizing mother nature for being merciful and not ELIMINATING YOUR SORRY ASSES.  That Hurricane did not give birth to itself to IMPRESS YOU or take the place of your noon time matinee.  Hurricanes, just like any other form of “disaster,” is the earth’s mechanism for performing the cleansing process or providing essential life sustaining elements to geographic areas where these elements are needed.  In many cases, although there are plenty of people in denial of this fact, disasters are man-made creations meant to perform what is commonly known as “population control.” And as it turns out, disasters are quite the lucrative endeavor especially when it comes to the rebuilding process and attaining contractors for the bidding…but, that is neither here nor there, I’m merely pointing out facets of how the cogs operate.  Regardless though, no matter who is at the steering wheel when it comes to disasters, they are inherently dangerous and should be RESPECTED as opposed to be seen as some form of entertainment for a jogger, a surfer, or just those who sit in boredom hoping that the world will end so that they don’t have to have any further motivation other than to sit and judge the world.

In the next paragraph following this one is the comment shared to my Facebook page:  For those who this offends, I do apologize, but I would suggest reading the WHOLE blog and understand the overall meaning behind it before jumping to conclusions.  Again, I only address those who have adopted a distorted sense of identity of who and what they are by associating themselves falsely with the CREATED stigma attached of what it means to be a “New Yorker.”  As far as I’m concerned, the only inherent truth about New York which may carry some weight is the fact that they have good pizza.  And I’m sorry…but, if this is all you got going for you after polluting the world with industry, destroying the economy (NYSE), and overpopulating a small amount of space…then you shouldn’t be prideful at all.  In fact, you should be downright ashamed to even associate yourself with that state.  I’d trade that pizza for a complete bulldozing of the entire city and the subsequent planting of a forest over it in a heartbeat. In the end, all you did was host a terrorist act reminiscent of the ending scene of “Fight Club.” ~And tell me…how many of you New Yorkers put thought into what REALLY happened that day?~


“New Yorkers are always trying to act tough…that sort of childish testosterone needs to be laid to rest. Its sad to see when an adult acts like a child in order to get attention demonstrating how tough and resilient that they are…its even sillier when there’s enough people with this attitude that it “appears” that an entire city does it as some sort of testament to their collective strength (excluding those who do not think this way). I am under the impression that its good that nothing substantial occurred and that damage was minimal, but, mocking mother nature and pretending false resilience is merely EGO setting itself up for a downfall of epic proportions. Now, I wouldn’t be so insulted had this article been the first that I had heard of New Yorkers being “disappointed” in the strength of Irene. Had “Irene” decided to go “Katrina” on New York, we’d be hearing just the opposite tune right now, just like we did during 911 when New Yorkers were falling to the ground, and giving up their constitutional rights out of fear of the Islamic Boogeyman hiding under all of their beds. To this day, many of them still use 911 as a CRUTCH as the “quintessential moment” which THE WORLD SUPPOSEDLY CHANGED because of THEIR FEAR. For YEARS, You couldn’t even turn on the news without hearing a New Yorker crying about the day that the sky fell on their precious city…meanwhile in other parts of the world, exploding buildings are OLD HAT.  And truly, there are FAR MORE RESILIENT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THAN OVERWEIGHT NEW YORKERS who use their ACCENTS while grabbing their crotches to sound tougher than they are.  There are people who experience the reality of terror daily who barely make a peep about their experiences and they remain silent because they realize that TALK IS CHEAP.  Most of them are just happy to simply experience the blessing of a brand new day.
Had Irene opened up and chose the alternate route of CONQUEROR, there would be a bunch of “tough” New Yorkers begging for handouts, shelter, and someone to offer a shoulder to cry on…just like they did on 911.  I’ve seen New York in their “greatest time of peril,” and they didn’t react so well…in fact, all of them seemed like amazing olympic runners when faced with adversity as they ran to the OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF THE DANGER.  In fact, many of these “THOUGH NEW YORKERS” were so busy exercising their primal instincts of “fight/flight” that many of them forgot that they were in a position to help others who were either dying or suffering…some were even stampeded in their attempts of escape. In fact, I didn’t see much in the way of “FIGHT” in the Fight/flight order at all…it was mostly FLIGHT…except when it came from the firefighters and the police who stood their ground to come to the defense of those who were totally DEFENSELESS; despite the fact that they were ALL TOUGH NEW YORKERS with the same TOUGH ACCENTS. That alone should have guaranteed their safety…RIGHT???
Maybe if these New Yorkers had used those tough accents earlier, our government would have been far too scared to bomb its own people and then blame it on Radical Islamists for the purposes of stealing more natural resources to lace the economy with. Maybe if they had used those TOUGH accents earlier while grabbing the socks stuffed in their crotchal regions, the government would have been so paralyzed with fear that they wouldn’t feel so openly entitled to rape our environment, entitlement programs, and the economy at any given chance that is presented.
Nonetheless, instead of  New Yorkers feeling FORTUNATE that Irene came and passed without much incident, we’re getting the “Drunken braggart” syndrome of a city that was lucky enough not to be tested like so many other parts of the world where lives and homes were LOST. The next time a hurricane fails to “Wow” you New York, maybe you should COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS as opposed to write childish nonsense about how there were people so TOUGH that their FOOLISHNESS and dipshitted EGOS caused them to go jogging in a storm that could have otherwise WIPED THEIR FRAGILE LITTLE LIVES CLEAN.”
If you find my comments to be insulting or condescending, then there’s a VERY GOOD REASON FOR THAT in the fact that you must ALSO share this egocentric view of the immovable nature of New Yorkers.  Obviously, I’m not referring to the many  New Yorkers or those with common sense who do not share this same viewpoint as I tend to stay away from sweeping generalizations…this blog only refers to, or finds fault with those who consistently find pride in associating themselves with illusions of grandeur fabricated by the grossly insecure.  Here’s a newsflash: Your geographic location doesn’t make you any tougher or more resilient to mother nature, crimes, political discourse, or precarious circumstances than any other geographic location in the world.  You are human and can be wiped out with a mere thought by the Universe which is the very reason you should pay homage and THANK the Universe for sparing your city.  Many of us should just be thankful and take comfort that the Universe appears to be infinitely patient despite the arrogance and violence of this non-evolved, primate species that we call “The Human Race.”  In this day of age, the last thing we need to be exercising on a collective level is continued pride or arrogance especially when the world has seen the U.S. brought to its knees by actions that are regularly experienced by people in other parts of this world.  Grow up and show some respect.
One day, those who have moved towards Unconditional LOVE will understand and recognize such vanity for what it is.  When that day comes, I look forward to the light and beauty that the path of Unity and humility will bring.  Until then, it must start on an individual level.  Be the force which brings about this change.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you…