Has anyone noticed the propensity for terrorist actions and disasters to happen as planned Disaster Drills are occurring?  I’m not going to do much here to sway your opinion other than offer you the information itself.  Sadly, even with the information being so BLATANT, many will “willfully” discard these events as “coincidence.”  By the way, none of this is “new” information.  Its been circulating for quite some time, however, I felt it necessary to go ahead and illuminate one of the many tools that the elite use in order to manipulate reality and gain funding by focusing on “the method” itself.  Take it or leave it.  Either way, my eyes are OPEN.  I post this only with the hopes that it will do the same for others.

This post is not to warn you of impending doom or to push your paranoia button, in fact, ONCE YOU ARE AWARE OF HOW THINGS OPERATE, you will be comforted to know that ultimately, there’s not much to worry about at all.  This post is meant to educate you on the tactics used by those who seek to control your information and to shape your perceptions of reality…nothing more. Keep in mind, by knowing the methods used by those seeking to empower themselves over you, you expand your awareness which strengthens you against slanted propaganda and the reality of their creation.  In the end, you train yourself to see through the facade making you resolute in building a reality based on TRUTH.  Have no fear, because when you live in the reality of your own choosing, you are the creator…and nothing can harm you if you set your intentions and parameters properly.  Peace and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE to ALL.

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