The information here is about as TRUTHFUL as any information that can be provided and, it is all backed by MSM sources that “Most Americans Trust.”  Interestingly enough, before the MSM started reporting on it, you really had to dig deep for this information because it was being buried quite quickly in the internet.  However, certain world events have renewed journalistic interest in this growing problem to the point where it could no longer be ignored. (BTW, everything highlighted in orange are links to be clicked on.  I always inform people of that, JUST IN CASE.)

Before Starting, let me Provide Americans the Solution to all of this: Iceland IMPRISONS BANKERS and rebuilds ECONOMY (With VOLITION, it can be done here)

Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis

Today, I am posting a new article to this blog because it completely supports the financial research that I have done and the REAL reason why the financial markets are going awry.  Incidentally, the reason of the former mentioned situation is ALSO the same reason(s) why we are currently going to war all over the Middle East and Africa…we are literally stealing oil at an unprecedented rate, BUT, GOLD is the main purpose for U.S. Aggression.  Because the Fractional Reserve’s inherent control over the markets due to its ability to falsely inflate or deflate entire economies due to the dollar’s lack of true value, other countries sought to balance the equation by returning to an asset based economy (The Gold Dinar) which was backed by genuine currencies. Many Autocratic regimes such as Libya moved towards this direction to limit American Purchasing powers of raw goods, therefore, NATO’s response was to bomb them into an oblivion because NATO as well as other European Countries are entirely dependent upon the Federal reserve’s form of fractional reserve banking, and its bastard son, the IMF.

Unfortunately for the banking cartels dependent upon Fractional Reserve Banking, SOON, the U.S. will have much larger barriers to entry and limited buying power within the Global economy due to a rising new trend in new and developing geopolitical economies.

NOW, before we get started, I must address something which has been brought to my attention just today, (Oct. 19, 2011) by a dear and respected soul.  Today, Bank of America and JP Morgan put the icing on the cake against the American populace, if not the entire world.  I will let the article do the speaking, but I will warn you…Anyone who tends to think for themselves, or has a high sense of awareness, WILL NOT LIKE WHAT THEY’RE ABOUT TO SEE and make no mistake, it WILL have very real consequences for everyone involved.

Tuesday Oct182011 HOLY BAILOUT – Federal Reserve Now Backstopping $75 Trillion Of Bank Of America\’s Derivatives Trades

Now, after you’ve LOOKED at the above link^^^^, look at the video below.  I will give you a quick spoiler.  The reason why the trader in the BELOW video is so confident in making a “prediction” about people’s savings being gone in 12 months is because he has inside information on the actions that Bank of America and JP Morgan just took against the American people.  Its pretty obvious with his blatant, almost egocentric candor.

In essence, once the Euro falls…AND IT WILL, the weight of both Europe’s failures and America’s dimly lit future will be placed upon the taxpayer of the U.S.  Once this happens, we will literally become disposable cattle as we will be worth more DEAD than alive; and judging by the elite’s renewed interest in population reduction, this will be all the excuse that they need to begin clean-up.  If you think this sort of thing doesn’t happen, or can’t happen TO YOU, let me point you to the world’s not too distant past. (The Former Soviet Union/Israel and Palestine/Serbia and Bosnia/Nazi Germany/Germany)…to name a few.

Revelations of the banking nightmare dating back to 1913. \”The End Game\”  This particular link is for those who want to really explore the truth depth of this financial reality.  It is THOROUGH.

Despite the reality of this situation, if done properly, this situation doesn’t even have to exist.

Let’s start with some “Realistic Levity,” and get to beef of how this financial situation has crept up on an unwitting public…

So, here we go…

Gadaffi\’s attempt at the Gold Dinar/Gold Standard. I am posting this simply as a primer.

Gold hits record as U.S. fears deepen

The Battle For Libya Is Almost Over… As Is The Battle For Its 144 Tons Of Gold

Libya has HUGE gold reserves

Below are links demonstrating how profitable it is to BET AGAINST ONE’S own economy.  There was a time that we used to call this TREASON and Insider Trading.  In fact, Martha Stewart spent time in prison for less.  By the way, Goldman and Sachs nearly single-handedly destroyed the entire country via this despicable route.  And before you try to point the blame at the Republicans here, keep in mind, it will be equally as profitable for the Democrats if they are able to push a raise in the debt ceiling.  You see, these people have become fat off of borrowing from foreign investors while placing all of the burden of borrowing on the tax payer, therefore, its a game of chess between parties to see who can become wealthier, QUICKER while sticking you and I with the bill.  If WE DO raise the debt ceiling, the only other direction to go will be for the rich to finally implement austerity measures  which will absorb every dime from our  few remaining entitlement programs meant to feed the poor, sick, and the elderly.  Just remember though…THEY ONLY TOOK WHAT WE WILLINGLY GAVE by our own inaction and apathy towards politics which directly affect us.  Too many of us unrealistically pushed for “The American Dream,” never thinking that such a dream might actually be flawed, rigged, and exploited.  BLINDED by materialism, greed, and self-motivation, we willingly played a game that we were never designed to win.  In fact, because our brokers regularly bet AGAINST the economy, then it was certainly DESIGNED to FAIL.  To the system, PROFIT IS PROFIT and has no loyalties to the other players in the game.

Eric Cantor profiting from U.S. Default

Intensive information on Cantor

Manufactured debt crisis

They\’re not joking…THIS IS REAL TO THEM. How about YOU???

A sobering reality…

How do you suppose that this is possible? Any alarm bells ringing yet???

Oh, by the way, this is a little information you might want to know as you dig further into this post.  I explain the situation in Libya quite well as you move further into this thread, but, here’s a little something that sets the stage of all this quite well…(Keep the below link in mind when understanding why a war is actually being fought in Libya.

Goldman and Sachs purposefully ROB Libya of over a Billion Dollars

I guess we must hate Libya\’s freedoms…

(Above is today’s edit of an older blog.  Below was my original blog unedited) Despite the fact that there is no real proof supporting or denying any claims with the Hugo Chavez’s current state of existence because of outlandish rumors, the financial information is accurate and sound.)


Well folks, I’m not sure how up-to-date you are on world politics, economics, and finances but I will go ahead and give you hints to look up to find these things out for yourself.  I have long since been blogging and have created threads on many of these very issues.  Listed below are reasons why political assassinations are occurring, including that of Hugo Chavez.

First, take a look at what Hugo Chavez was planning to do:

End of the Dollar Dictatorship? Hugo Chavez and Latin Leaders Hope to Bury the Greenback

Here’s what Venezuela’s Oil Minister recently said:

Venezuela\’s Energy Minister tells U.S. to \”Go to hell\”

Chavez Preparing Government Takeover of Venezuela’s Gold Mining Industry (He feels the squeeze coming and knows that the U.S. will stop at nothing to take from them what they’ve earned through hard work and nationalization.  However, the U.S. doesn’t believe in hard work, they believe in THEFT.

Now, here are the reasons for our current financial MESS/FIASCO

1. Fractional Reserve Banking

2. The rising Gold Standard and growing Russian/Chinese markets

3. Non-Stop Wars that are unsustainable (the very thing that “Supposedly” sunk the USSR specifically in Afghanistan)

4. The non-backing of the currencies which are circulating world-wide

(The below Paragraph was in relation to propaganda that the U.S. had spread about the “Death of Hugo Chavez.”  As it turned out, he was alive and well.  Just ignore the parts about Chavez’s death and focus on the information the speaks about why the U.S. might have wanted to assassinate him.)

Now, since this post isn’t necessarily about the current economic situation SPECIFICALLY, it is important to have a strong foundation of WHY our country is in the position that it is in order to understand why Chavez is now dead and why Venezuela seems to be experiencing outages in their power grids.  Anyway, Chavez had recently resigned to deal in nothing but solid currencies which were backed by very real gold which got them slapped with trade sanctions.  In fact Gaddafi had also made a similar decision and was in the process of changing certain Middle Eastern and African Countries in a new Dinar currency.  If such an event happened, it would practically destroy our Global purchasing power since lately, we seem to not only be misplacing Gold (WTC), but we also seem to be misplacing Trillions of dollars.  I don’t know if an American can even conceive of a TRILLION dollars, but, this is no small sum of money, especially when we have at least 11.3 Trillion unaccounted for.

The U.S. is getting desperate and so are the power elite that supports it.  (Rockefellers.)  This is the reason we are now running around in several countries attempting to reclaim through staged and influenced revolutions, what we are getting ready to lose.  This is also the reason why we are spreading wars through false flags and are currently attacking Venezuela’s power grid. (i.e. these are the very countries Ghaddafi had gained influence over.  (Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt.)  which are the very countries which have been destabilized by Western influence and are now either protesting or rioting.

Oh, and what was that nonsense about the IMF suggesting a dollar alternative just before their HUGE scandal?

IMF proposes alternative currency against the Dollar

Then suddenly, this happens

IMF Head Pointed Out in Lineup After Sexual Assault Allegations Read more:

Folks, had there been a dollar alternative created by the IMF, the U.S. would have been sunk in any ability to be a global competitor because our money IS NOT BACKED BY TRUE CURRENCIES…hence, the IMF scandal meant to discredit it and the leader who found out that the U.S. no longer had gold backing it.

The Real Reason for the Fall of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Russia Says IMF Chief Jailed For Discovering All US Gold Is Gone

Then we have this:

US Federal reserve admits that it has no gold

Which led to this:

Ron Paul holds hearing on Gold Audit Bill

Ron Paul believes Fort Knox Gold is Gone

Did it ever occur to America that the reason why we practice Fractional Reserve Banking is because we don’t actually have anything backing it whatsoever?  Seriously Folks…our politicians have misplaced TRILLIONS of dollars and 911 Lost us a HUGE amount of gold.

WTC gold, missing money supply, and economic meltdown

America…You’ve been played.

First take a listen to what a very reputable source has to say concerning the Rockefellers…The Rockefellers control very powerful portions of the financial institution concerning banking and politics.  They own the Federal Reserve, other banking cartels etc.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t own the color, red.  Anyway…watch this video.  By the way Russo is a very respected member of the business world.

Here’s some information on Aaron Russo, just in case you think you have the “reputation” and the “know-how” to discredit him.

Aaron Russo

Next…let’s take a look at what Venezuela’s energy minister recently said to the U.S.  Pretty Harsh Words Here…and I want to make sure that this comes up twice in this thread using a different link.

Venezuelan Oil Minister Tells the U.S. to go to hell

Now, I also find it interesting that the moment that Chavez falls ill with something that appears fixable, his country starts to experience power outages which have never been a problem before:  Very convenient as well…

Whats going on in Venezuela? Power Blackouts in Energy Rich Country

So, now all of a sudden…we have this.

Just got off the phone with CNN news tips and Chavez Death Has been confirmed…

But, it doesn’t end there…Take a look at the REAL reason why we chose to go into Libya…


\”Gold hits record as U.S. debt fears deepen\” (YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION)   Yeah, I thought I would bring this link up one more time as a reminder of everything that you just digested.  All of the terrorism that has been occurring has been a result of a growing, new financial paradigm, and it is the result of the U.S. losing its totalitarian grip on the societies of the world.  Any country that attempts to resist using the American dollar as their currency for trade, whether it be oil or food, is subject to being attacked and labeled a “terrorist state.”  Got it yet???  We are in Libya, not because of human rights abuses and terrorist ties, but because Gadaffi was setting up a new currency to reduce U.S. influence in their region.  End of story.

India\’s gold and silver imports jump 80% to $31.1bn over six months

Chavez Taking back HIS GOLD.

If the U.S. were TRULY an anti-terrorist state that NEVER “negotiated with terrorists” as they claim, then why would we be employing THESE GUYS to do our dirty work in Libya?

Obama employs AL Qaeda to do U.S. Bidding and ADMITS IT.

In fact, Obama likes Al Qaeda SO MUCH, that he gave them their own Embassy right on U.S. Soil in Washington.  Now, isn’t that a generous move for a country at war with the very regime which supposedly attacked us on 911?

Obama Approves Al Qaeda Embassy In Washington (SHEER IRONY)

Oh and LOOK, we were getting quite cozy with him in 2007, but that all changed when Mr. Gadaffi was ripped off by Goldman and Sachs.

Gadaffi becoming best friends with United States of America

Look here, Goldman and Sachs and JP Morgan seem to be holding cash that isn\’t theirs…

Oops…Goldman and Sachs MISPLACE Gadaffi\’s 1.3 Billion fortune…

1.3 Billion Dollar Theft of Libya and Gadaffi/Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan

-And THIS was the reason why Gadaffi decided that it was time to have a real asset based economy regarding international trade, as Goldman and Sachs not only intentionally lost his money, but further profited against him by placing bets against him in a hedging strategy.  With that in mind, who appears to be the TRUE bad guys here???  I will not claim that Gadaffi is a noble and selfless individual, but, he does have a reputation for doing PROPER business.

Here’s one last item that you may see as unrelated, but in fact…its totally connected.

David Cameron\’s local Tory chairman found dead in Glastonbury toilet

Yeah, because everyone goes to a portable potty to off themselves…

You see, in a world where the proper finances aren’t backed by real currency, a GOLD STANDARD could be a very big thorn in the side for the elite who count on printing money without having it properly financially backed.  This just continues the enslavement of others at the folly of those who see no end to their greed.  Folks…LOOK AROUND.  Is this the America that you remember?  Is this the America that you want to represent to the rest of the world?  Right now we’re collapsing, and after this occurs, the world can either be completely handed over to the elite in exchange for control, or, you can rise up within your community and make a better tomorrow.  YOUR CHOICE.  And your choice is known by your ACTIONS.

I wish we were in a nation that was aware…I wish we were in a nation that actually cared.  As a nation of critical thinking and sentient beings, it would behoove us to know a bit of something about EVERYTHING, that way we are not so easily fooled and puppeteered by what directly benefits us.  We have long disconnected ourselves from the process of truly living free.  We have been convinced that Fascism is Capitalism and that CONTROL is SECURITY.  We have let our nation slip from between our fingers, and more to the point, GAVE OUR WORLD OVER TO A SELECT FEW ON A GOLDEN PLATTER WITH OUR COLLECTIVE HEADS ON IT.

You must begin to think critically to see the chess pieces move, otherwise you’re playing a game that you were never designed to win.  Quit being a bartering tool or a pawn in someone else’s game.  Create your own rules…LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF.  And LOVE THYSELF as you are a reflection of the infinite creation that is the Universe.

Here’s one last video to help you understand what is happening in your world.  Please watch this video and THINK…

Bank of America Lynch[ing this] CountryWide\’s Equity Is Likely Worthess and It Will Rape FDIC Insured Accounts Going Bust

Hopefully, by taking the time to read this, you have a MUCH better understanding of why the political and economic climate of the world is changing.  We are in far deeper than you could imagine.

Is there a way out???  YES…it all simply depends whether you’re willing to go ALL THE WAY, and make the proper decisions to help manifest the change.  You have to be willing to let go of everything you have known and EMBRACE the POSITIVE CHANGE OF LOVE FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.  -And then, you have to plan around the markets ACCORDINGLY, which means, you must know how to profit when a market is on the downturn.  Some of us are waiting…just waiting for the right moment.

Eternal LOVE to all…