Well, just recently, a girl named Lauren Spierer disappeared from my hometown of Bloomington Indiana, in fact, it has now made national news and will be featured on “America’s most wanted.”

Here’s some interesting facts about her “disappearance,” that most people aren’t aware of.
1. This disappearance has caused proposed legislation of CCTV cameras EVERYWHERE in Bloomington.
2. An IUPD Police Officer Kills himself at the Football Stadium one week before her disappearance.
3. 3 murders happen in the same week here in Bloomington that are overshadowed.
4. Tons of news crews come to this town, and BPD does nothing for the first 3-4 days until News cameras are there, and then they start kicking in doors like a bunch of testosterone filled Teenagers.
5. Lauren Spierer disappears almost 11 years TO THE DAY, of Jill Behrman’s disappearance which ALSO made national news and was featured on “America’s MOST WANTED.”

Folks, anytime something is used for POLITICAL GAIN, I begin thinking that things have been SET-UP. And, anytime a police officer KILLS himself under ODD circumstances, things take a different turn.

IUPD officer kills self:


IUPD officer commits suicide under odd circumstances

1. Interesting because, he never had a history of depression
2. His wife didn’t notice any odd behavior
3. How many people depressed enough to kill themselves clock into work, take their own gun (especially when he had a department issued gun) and then blow their heads off at a Stadium? Of note here: he killed himself at an area where cops regularly meet to talk and hang-out.

Proposed legislation of CCTV and Bloomington political gain:


CCTV may come to Bloomington due to Speirer abduction case
Spierer and Behrman: Here’s a write up showing similarities.


Behrman and Spierer, exactly 11 years apart from each other. (11…there’s that MAGIC NUMBER)

1. Behrman’s father joins the manhunt
2. America’s most wanted uses this as another excuse for ratings.
3. Both families are relatively “wealthy.”
4. Both girls are relatively attractive

No one can get a handle on how many she was with, or who was technically with her. All evidence, just like the Behrman case is being obfuscated.




Here’s a possible theory:
1. dead cop might have had “knowledge” that something was going down. Again, he had no history of depression and was leaving behind a wife and two children. (He was also formerly in the military) Again, why wait to clock in to work and then work nearly a full shift before going to a popular cop meeting point to kill oneself???
2. the point where Spierer disappeared is HEAVILY patrolled on weekends. BPD and IUPD make tons of money ticketing people and getting them with DWI’s and other such methods of money making.
3. Spierer disappears 11 years to the day after Behrman…and if there’s any significance, 11 is a powerful number to those who are FAMILIAR with “Illumination,” which would indicate that this “disappearance,” may go on a much larger scale than expected. (just a theory here.)
4. All evidence is being bumbled yet again. BPD claims that the place of residence where Spierer was staying was blocking them from investigation. This is “incorrect.” BPD intentionally waited until the cameras were there to act like badasses. It was like watching a bunch of kids junked up on steroids kicking in a door for the first time in their lives. Pathetic.

What are the chances that the POLICE had something to do with this? What are the chances that this might be connected to something bigger? 2 children abducted from wealthy parents with 11 years separating them? A police officer blowing his own head off a week before? 3 separate murders in Bloomington which are totally ignored for a missing child case which happens in the exact same week?

Not to mention that there’s been a ton of odd activity/behavior out here that is very hard to explain. Your guess is as good as mine…