Personally, after viewing this article, I realize that this trend has been coming for awhile.  Gradually, it has become less and less accepted to discipline your child even when nature and duty calls on this very responsible act in order to teach children about the dangers of their actions and the world.  Have we not noticed a rising trend of the washing of our rights?  Have we literally become “the boiled frog?”

In this case, this woman clearly left marks; however, once we allow the system to utterly strip us of our duties as parents, our children will learn that we are completely impotent and stripped by the system to exert any parental authority over them.  Whether we choose to believe it or not, there is a rising trend of violence in the world.  There are increasing efforts to strip us of our natural rights and many of those natural rights fall right in line of things once protected by the constitution.

Read this article and make your own decision…