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Eternal LOVE…

Michael Grubb


Recently, the media has featured a massive number of children, or teenagers who have been murdered, raped, or worse who have been within the age brackets of 7 years old, or 17 years.  Obviously, we know that deaths occur to children under any number of circumstances and ages, but, the media seems to be reporting on only 2 numbers right now.  7s, and 17s.  As a very updated person who follows trends and numbers, I can tell you that most all of cases reported in National Media involve children or teenagers under these two age brackets.  Additionally, I cross referenced many stories with stories of the past to ensure I was not merely, “Seeing what I choose to see.”  First, I need to provide a bit of background to the point I am attempting to make.

You can either take this as the rantings of a “mad man,” because HONESTLY, I really don’t care.  You know the whole phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones…but…”  Well, just apply that little kiddie phrase to how I feel about criticism; or, you could take this information as INSIGHT to something that you may, or may not, have ever considered.  For those who have never read any of my other blogs, welcome, this should be interesting for you…if nothing else.

Here is the thread I wrote a bit ago about the “Unconditional LOVE Code.”

The Unconditional LOVE CODE, 17.7777777(infinity)

Here are MANY of the results which happened after this “code” was programmed on Jan 1, 2012.  Large manifestations of this code began to take shape in the media, in world events, and even within computer systems as they adjust to the way it operates.

Physical Manifestations of “The Code,” 17.7777777(infinity)

The night that this code was “programmed” some very interesting things happened in the atmosphere all around the people who helped with the programming…You are welcome to believe or dis-believe, but, let me say this…your choice to disbelieve WILL NOT change or erase the very REAL events which occurred on this night.  There were many witnesses and people with their jaws hanging to their chests.  Saw it with my own eyes and experienced it with my own body system…

Code Accepted, time to move forward.

The reason why I posted the above links is to give you a primer on the observations that I have noticed since this code was injected into the operating system we currently experience.  And YES, an operating system is EXACTLY what we are inside of.  For those who like to argue or cannot come to terms with the reality in which we reside, I urge you to take a listen to THIS:

If one is aware of what we reside in, then one could easily connect the dots here that a concerted effort is being made against the re-programming of this particular system.  Because this is a long and detailed discussion, its important that you understand how the system in which you live operates.

Satan, or, the Personality Otherwise Known As, “The Machine.”

Right now, the largest case in the country features 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  Not only is it the most popular story right now, it seems to be causing racial tensions all over the country.  Additionally, all of these stories have been brought to us in 2012.

17 year old Trayvon Martin killed by overzealous Night Watchman

Body found on Queen’s Estate is a 17 year old Girl…

17 year old rape victim held in prison for her testimony…

7 year old sacrificed for better harvest in India

17 year old girl goes missing, Florida

7 year old boy struck by vehicle…

Body of 17 year old pulled from Lake…

7 year old boy missing…

7 year old girl dies in arms of mother after regular flu vaccination…

17 year old killed in CA…

17 year old boy murdered in Canada

Police investigating murder of 17 year old

17 year old girl missing in Chicago

Now I could literally go on and on providing numerous links that absolutely prove my point.  But, I think it more important to let this information sit in front of whomever reads this blog so that they can come up with their own conclusions.  For me, its cut and dry.  The media has definitely honed in on this “numerical system” for a reason.  In fact, I am 100% positive of what that reason is.  But, its more important to present this so that people can decide for themselves.

Unconditional LOVE to all…17.7777777(infinity)

As one should already be aware, the Gulf of Aden is being heavily patrolled by the world’s Naval forces which is composed of both “friend and foe” alike.  Now, there seems to be a rare few people who attempt to think beyond the cover story that they’ve been given for having over 134 of the World’s Naval forces circling this relatively small area where we are told that “Somali Pirates” have been lurking.  -Excuse me, what was that?-  Pirates?

Naval efforts rise to combat Piracy in Somalia

So, we’re expected to BELIEVE that a group of rag tag pirates have become SO INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS and POWERFUL (I almost can’t finish this without falling over laughing) that the very small area of the Gulf of Aden needs constant 24/7 surveillance by multiple world powers who have all come together for the valiant purposes of taking down a bunch of under-funded pirates.

-Do you realize that we don’t have this type of firepower in WAR ZONES?-  That’s right.  None of this beefed up, steroidal show of force exists in all of our recent endeavors combined.  This includes Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, etc. –

-So…um, are these “pirates” THAT DANGEROUS?  Nope…here’s a picture of such pirates.Image

Yep, here they are…these guys BARELY have the means to get from one point to the next with their “glorified fishing boats,” let alone wage war against even one capable Naval force.  And, if the world is admitting that it takes this brand of power to fight against a stone-aged opponent, then, maybe our technology isn’t as advanced as we pretend it to be.  As you can CLEARLY see, the strongest weapon that they carry would be a loaded “rocket launcher,” and that’s not enough for me even to dial 911 to call the police for.  There are guys from my old neighborhood who would have already robbed, beaten, and sent them back to their mommies while teaching them a lesson in the proper handling of a firearm.  I also want to note that this above picture comes from stock photos provided by OUR OWN MEDIA.

Now…lets entertain some realism here, otherwise known as “TRUTH.”

Here are the facts about “The Gulf Of Aden.”  Recently, scientists discovered a magnetic anomaly which caused a massive vortex to start spinning in the ocean thereby producing an enormous whirlpool leading 7 miles underwater.  With such depth, you can only imagine the size of the actual whirlpool itself.  Additionally, it created some sort of atmospheric phenomenon which has spawned an undulating electromagnetic spiral in the sky composed of multiple colors and hues.  Scientists are calling this the “The Gulf of Aden Magnetic Anomaly and the Curie Temperature Isotherm,” and are attributing this to “seafloor spreading.”  However, they aren’t explaining why such rapid “seafloor spreading” would be occurring and why it started so abruptly…now are they?  I think that they figure if they put a word which people could automatically recognize as “Scientific” that the people will simply say, “Well, they’ve got a word for it, so, it must be okay and they officially have this situation “under control.”  The truth is…they have NOTHING under control, which is the reason why 134 of the world’s navies are currently surrounding it.  -They’re scared-  They have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO.  So, as opposed to facing up to the idea that they’re completely paralyzed and helpless to understanding this situation, they have created a cover story which gives them the excuse to have a massive military presence in that region.  Below is the scientific article that has been provided.  Before, the “cause” of this particular spiral was specifically marked as “unknown,” but, now they’ve got a “theory” or a name in which they’ve manufactured for purposes of posterity.  -This means NOTHING.-

Link to abstract: Gulf of Aden Magnetic Anomaly and the Curie Temperature Isotherm

Magnetic Anomaly, Gulf of Aden…

Now, let’s have a looksy of just HOW MANY articles and posts that I can find of the world’s most powerful navies and their reasons for cruising the gulf with so many other coalitions of friends and foes alike.  Keep in mind, any ONE of these world powers should be able to handle the simplistic problem of pirates in kiddie boats.

Task Force 150

Iran:Iranian Intervention in Gulf Of Aden

China: Chinese intervention in Gulf of Aden

Glorified propaganda from the U.S., because to the U.S. everything is a movie:U.S. intervention in gulf of aden

The rest of these, just copy and past into your browser

India: http://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/India/Indian-Navy-escorted-900-foreign-ships-in-Gulf-of-Aden/Article1-559947.aspx

Russia: http://www.marinelink.com/news/russian-piracy-force343413.aspx

Japan: http://zeenews.india.com/news/nation/india-china-and-japan-join-hands-for-piracy-control_764790.html

SIngapore: http://nosint.blogspot.com/2012/03/saf-to-beef-up-piracy-patrols-in-gulf.html

Germany: http://www.dw.de/dw/article/0,,5122313,00.html

Australia: http://www.navy.gov.au/Navy_Deters_Pirates_in_Gulf_of_Aden

The EU: http://books.google.es/books/about/Combating_Somali_piracy.html?hl=es&id=nAHI7EWlvi8C

And the list goes on and on, and ON. This “Magnetic Anomaly appeared almost a month after the Norway Spiral that occurred while PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS THERE ACCEPTING THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.  There are many insinuations that I want to make right now concerning this, but, its better that people take pieces of this puzzle and begin to assemble them ON THEIR OWN.

Here is a video of “The Norway Spiral as captured by NBC.”

The Norway Spiral which occurred very close to the Eiscat/Haarp facility in Norway:

Now, there are several versions of what people think that this magnetic anomaly is.  I will provide a few VIDEOS which demonstrate the possibilities:  Copy and paste these into your browser-

This video is long and involved, but, worth your time.  This man is not lying by any stretch of the imagination.  The things that he says borderlines what many consider to be the “lunatic fringe,” however, those who dismiss this man as insane have no experiences of their own in order to relate to the very real things that he is speaking of. Additionally, when one dismisses something of this magnitude as a “work of fantasy” before doing background research, they can often end up making themselves look very foolish in the end.  I very much trust Aaron McCollum’s words.  Not because I am naive or trusting, but, because I have had my OWN experiences in which to judge.  This is what is known as KNOWLEDGE.

By the way, this is the very reason why movies like these are being made:

Whether you want to believe this or not, I’ve seen things with my own eyes that would make people question everything around them.  Most people have had the LUXURY of remaining asleep and innocent of the world in which they live.  That’s about to end.  You can no longer afford to be a surface thinker, and you can no longer afford to sit in the pleasurable seat of denial.  When these illusions come, and they’re coming fast, you’d better be on your A game.

Additional Information regarding the Norway Spiral/Gulf of Aden.  According to Wikileaks, president Obama was hidden in a 2012 bunker, and they give information that this was a former “Top Secret” file.


Before beginning this thread, I want to provide Americans a solution for all of this: Iceland IMPRISONS BANKERS and rebuilds ECONOMY (With VOLITION, it can be done here)

Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis

Well, I had a pretty hearty chuckle today.  It seems as if information is flowing through the cracks that CANNOT be stopped.  Today we find out the the Director of the Center of Disease Control has been BUSTED engaging in acts of pedophilia and bestiality.  Hmmmm.  So, I wonder…Is this an isolated incident of sorts???

CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality

Now we have a VERY influential and famous COACH from Pennsylvania that has now been outed for the pedophile that he is.  Is this some sort of COINCIDENCE?  This one reaches a particular low because people were so GREEDY that they actually rioted in favor of keeping this VERY SICK MAN ON THEIR PAYROLL.

Penn State riots after football coach fired

Penn State Scandal: Jerry Sandusky Rumored To Have \’Pimped\’ Boys To Donors: REPORT

Bernie Fine Investigation: Syracuse Basketball Coach Has Home Searched By Police In Sex Case

Are these merely isolated incidences?  I don’t think so.  In fact, I would wager that the higher up one is within the political, MILITARY, business, or entertainment fields, the more likely that this behavior becomes more apparent.  Keep in mind that a very few Corporations as well as people run, and operate the majority of the world.

USAF General Caught By Wife With Child Porn, Kills Himself

Former Child Protection Advocate Mark Foley’s Sexual Scandal Involving Underaged Boys

Pedophilia is Hollywood’s biggest problem…Hollywood is intricately tied to POLITICS

Michael Jackson’s history…

-Many will not like the fact that I mention Mr. Jackson here, but, it only takes a bit of actual critical thought to see that all of the symptoms exist.  OF COURSE HE DID IT. -He’s had quite the penchant for children dating all the way back to his regular visits in the White House with Ronald Reagan.  Building a private ranch which boasted a theme park specifically built for kids on your PRIVATE QUARTERS is a bit too obvious for anyone to ignore, yet, because of his fan’s love for his music, they turn a blind eye to the very realities, and nightmares, that Michael Jackson brought against at least 2 children and God knows how many more.  Michael was in a position of privilege where he could have brought balance to troubled children and make amends for his own twisted life, but just like Penn State Scandal, more details are coming out about the fact that Sandusky, just like Michael,  literally started children’s organizations so that he could groom them at will.  –You must use your reasoning skills here and drop your personal feelings for the situation because this spans all across the boards of the “machine of the elite.-”

Right now, the most powerful, POLITICAL, and influential religion is…Christianity.  Am I claiming that all Christians are a part of this horrible scheme against children??? NO.  Am I claiming that all Christians are evil?  NO.  In fact I know MANY wonderful representatives of that faith, and personally, I’m a huge fan of Jesus and his teachings.  However…it doesn’t mean that all who come in the name of Christianity are good; in fact, the very bible that Most Christians read specifically states that “many will come in my name,” and to be aware because, they are hypocrites who’s purpose is to DECEIVE.  –Written pretty direct and in plain language— And its funny because no matter how many times a prophet comes proclaiming the end of this civilization, or speaking to be the messiah, tons of people follow them despite the fact that their bible warns against it, and the prophets always fall FLAT ON THEIR FACES.  Harold Camping got 3 tries…and had people believing all the way until the last “FAIL.”  Here’s the LITERAL BIBLICAL QUOTE:

“For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”

Mathew 24:5.

So, what exactly am I saying then? ————————————————————————————————–

I am claiming that those who have been in charge of shaping Christian minds have been flawed and soiled from the BEGINNING, and roots which begin with nefarious intentions, usually end that way.

So, lets take a walk over to the Vatican and see what we can dig up…(Now, because there are literally SO many cases involving pedophilia and the Catholic Church, we’re just going to go ahead and provide one link.

Vatican Warned Irish Bishops Not to Report Abuse

Now, once we leave the Vatican and go down the hall and to the left, you find The OBAMA ADMINISTRATION  helping to ensure that Pedophile Priests are not prosecuted or pursued in ANY WAY.

Obama administration backs Vatican in pedophile case

Obama Passes Laws To Protect Pedophiles

Why is the Obama Administration protecting pedophile priests???

Obama backed U.S. company Dyncorp Busted For Pedophilia

Halliburton and Dyncorp Provide Child Prostitutes for Afgan Elite

Flow Chart of funneled money

U.S. tax dollars funds pedophilia and rape

Once you leave the White house and go further down the hall to the left, you find that Obama is in with all of the BANKING CARTELS which consequently OWN Dyncorp and Halliburton.

38 Reasons to dump Obama (this link will provide you with TONS of dirt regarding the Obama Administration

Interestingly ENOUGH, once you leave the banking Cartels and go back up the hall to the VATICAN, you now find the Vatican OPENLY influencing WORLD ECONOMIC POLICY…as if they were BANKERS.

The Vatican Ushers in \”The Mark of the Beast,\” NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC PLAN…

Vatican thinking they can appeal to the O.W.S. movement to Start New Global Economic Order

I want you to look at the language in the above link made by the pope: “A move towards humanism.”

The Devil\’s Advocate, 1:35, Satan claims to be a HUMANIST (Trust me, its not a coincidence that this word would be used by religion and mocked in the entertainment industry as something repeated by Satan himself)   I also want you to note, that in this particular movie, in order to bring out the Anti-Christ, Keanu Reeves would have had to impregnated his half sister.  (The incest theme, which has circulated around the ROYAL FAMILIES FOR CENTURIES.)

Here’s our most recent example OF THAT:  Seriously- How do you think Royal Bloodlines STAY ROYAL?

Wills and Kate, kissing cousins! How the Royal lovebirds are related thanks to a Tudor tyrant so bloodthirsty he\’s been airbrushed from history Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1299794/How-Prince-William-Kate-Middleton-related-thanks-Tudor-tyrant.html#ixzz1c7quKCgj

Now folks.  If all these people run around together, and all these people are in affiliation with secret little sex clubs which they call societies…Chances are they’re all the SAME TYPES OF PEOPLE WITH THE SAME TYPES OF MOTIVES.  Get my drift???  In other words, the majority of the people IN CHARGE OF OUR LIVES are complete and total child molesting, incestuous scum bags who have a penchant towards bestiality, murder, war, human hunting, and every sexual perversion that has ever existed.  They’re the worst of the worst, and many of them have done things that you’d rather not try to stomach hearing before eating a meal.  THEY ARE THE DARK ONES.  There’s a reason why they are the ELITE.  There is a reason why they are all AFFILIATED with one another…and they ONLY appoint people who have been through the “proper channels.”

The entertainment business is no different and you’ve had people who have tried to inform you of this for years either through music or interviews.  Although both of them were a couple of idiots, they weren’t lying when they said that pedophilia was the most rampant problem in the movie and television industry. (Corey Haim, Corey Feldman.)  Then there was Michael Jackson, one of the most influential artists in history who was a regular guest at the WHITE HOUSE. (Yes, of course he DID it.)  Denial can be a very ugly thing, especially for a fan with stars in their eyes.  This man had been accused of molestation over a 20 YEAR PERIOD.  The same people who run the stock markets are the same people who own the corporations who produce OUR MOVIES.  Do I really need to go into the “Disney THING?”

For instance: Bob Dylan ADMITS to selling his soul to something that many people “don’t believe in.”  However, if you quantify the results of Mr. Dylan being a MILLIONAIRE versus the typical, uneducated “Blue Collar” skeptic, I would have to say that the results speak for themselves. -Now personally, I KNOW THAT THERE ARE POWERS OUT THERE.  However, in my personal experience, “They aren’t what many believe them to be.  Perception can be a bitch.”  NONETHELESS…Trust me when I say…they’re not being figurative.

Bob Dylan Admits Selling His Soul For Fame

Katy Perry, sells soul to the devil???

Eminem is pretty SPECIFIC here…And No, he\’s not just blowing hot air

I could go into scandal after scandal regarding the outright depravity of our political, social, and religious structures, but…if you haven’t been paying attention to things well enough to understand that you live in a “DEMONIC CAGE,” then by all means, continue to revel in it as it is flushed back into SLUMS of hell where it belongs.  Understand that I am being both figurative and literal when I say such things.  To me, the word “hell” is empty and has no real meaning.  To the average person, their general understanding of  “hell” entails a fire filled, wrathful, demonic nightmare influenced by Christian dogma and entertainment.  In fact, in many ways, its SO over-the-top, that its comical.  -The reality of hell is much, much, much more sobering…and far more PHYSICAL than what your current understanding of pain can comprehend.  -THAT I PROMISE-  And, you’ll see that in the end, THERE WAS NEVER A GOD JUDGING YOU, only YOU judging yourself. -That’s when things get REALLY cold-

So now, let me ask you.  Do you STILL want those people in office, or the pulpits, or the major corporations, on television influencing the minds of your children???  If not, DO SOMETHING and have them IMPRISONED.

Older, yet fairly recent cases of influential people being busted for child pornography, pedophilia, bestiality:

‘Dance Crew’ Judge Busted for Child Molestation

What do most of the BELOW links all have in common?  They’re all veterans of the departments that they work for.  In other words, they’re all high ranking members of their institutions…the people with THE MOST POWER.  -The Problem is Institutional and Systemic.  Otherwise, I would NOT have this list…

Veteran LAPD officer, 54, charged with possession of child pornography

Capitol Police officer arrested in child pornography sting

Police Officer Arrested In Child Porn Investigation

Investigators: Paterson police officer arrested on child pornography charges

Aurora Police officer arrested for possession of child pornography

Judge arrested over child porn A senior Crown Court judge has been arrested over child pornography allegations.

Judge arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Judge Facing Pornography Charges Is Unopposed on Ballot

News / Former School Security Officer Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Former Mobile County assistant district attorney Steven Giardini arrested on child pornography, enticement charges

Attorney arrested on child porn charges

Former Alabama prosecutor arrested on enticement, child porn charges

Manhattan DA: Massive Child Cyber Porn Sting Ends With 26 Arrests

Australian Politician Arrested For Child Pornography

State Senate Aide Possessed Child Pornography, U.S. Says

Democrat Staffer Arrested For Child Porn, Media Quiet

TSA Screener Arrested For Child Pornography

Veteran DEA agent Darren Argento busted for having child porn on personal laptop

DEA Employee Accused of Making Child Porn

Former DEA employee accused in child pornography case

Top Fort Drum Officer Arrested On Child Porn Charges

A partial list of democratic pedophiles

Re: FBI agents arrested for pedophilia- no child left untouched

Priest Sex-Abuse Case Hits Church of Pope’s Adviser Read more: http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,2072613,00.html#ixzz1ensRSsWS

Vatican Christmas Shocker! Pope says child rape isn’t that bad, was normal back in his day

Republican Pedophilia

This is but a small list.  However, a list of this magnitude is far more than one should expect from the people who are supposedly placed there for our “best interests.”  We have consistently shown that we have not the discernment to allow elected leaders make decisions for us.  So, its now time to apologize to ourselves for falling asleep at the wheel, and take the control back in a UNIFIED, LOVING FASHION.

Well, for those who are truly aware, we’re in it now…

At the bottom of the page, you’ll see how the Banking Industry is ALSO pulling the strings behind this as well…Every bit of this stuff is interconnected.  Many didn’t believe me until the point that we are at now when I spoke of this 20 years ago.  Now people are filtering back and saying, “How did you know?”  My answer is, “I simply kept my eyes open.”

Before we go further though, I want to provide Americans a solution for all of this: Iceland IMPRISONS BANKERS and rebuilds ECONOMY (With VOLITION, it can be done here)

Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis

Now, when it comes to this content, I side with NO RELIGIONS.  I ONLY believe in the Universe/The Creator/ and the FACT that we are all interwoven within it.  To me, religion is a non-necessity, and it is VERY EASY to manipulate people with it…in fact, I think this is the very thing occurring now.  Nonetheless…I live, breathe, and eat Unconditional LOVE, so, as you attack me for bringing forward something that may be beneficial to you, I’ve already divvied out some LOVE for those who choose to disagree.  Keep in mind, its just a THEORY, and nothing is set in stone, until it happens before your very yes.  So, when I present this information, just be aware that I have no denomination nor do I believe in the superiority of one religion over the next…especially when they were all created by the same “catalyst.”  –I will say this though.  At the moment, it really doesn’t matter WHAT you believe…its what THEY believe that puts us in this current quandary.

I want to post some recent developments and actually tie them with “prophecy” if you will.  Only, this time out of the millions of times people have done this, I think that there may be merit here.  (of course, anyone wants to think that of their own thoughts.)

As you know, almost all Abrahamic Religions have a form of an end-time scenario.  I’ll be quick with it so that we don’t have to focus much on the story as opposed to the world developments which are coinciding and aligning perfectly with “prophecy.”  Before we go too far there, I want to note now, that I BELIEVE that this has been a self-fulfilling scenario and that a simple choice can subjugate it, however, it doesn’t much matter if it is self fulfilling or not, , the most important thing to do here is to look at the result.

The story that I am speaking of here regards, “The Two Witnesses.”  As it were, most Christians certainly believe that the “two witnesses MUST come from THEIR religion, because, THEIR “Bible” tells them that this is the case.  In fact, many have said that the witnesses will die and fight in Jerusalem, however, I do believe that they were referring to the “Holy Land,” which is the entire Middle East.  DO NOT FORGET that the very bible that you read has been revised repetitively, therefore, it could have been easily infected by the very enemy that you’d never expect.  -Remember, Christianity is derived from the same source as Islam.-

A quick summary of the two witnesses is this; 2 guys dressed in “sackcloth,” who are representatives of a certain “power” are here to do the bidding of God/The Universe during the rise of the Anti-Christ.  These two guys are allowed to torment the earth, gain control over the sky and cause all sorts of turbulence and drama for the Anti-Christ nation who have become Godless and War-like.  The two witnesses allowed to speak against the Anti-Christ and to pull maneuvers that are deemed nearly supernatural.  The entire world would grow to hate them because they disseminate truth about the evil power of the Anti-Christ nation.  (The Anti-Christ will come in the name of peace and make WAR.)  -Just take a look at our Administration and all of Obama’s promises.

After a period of time, the Anti-Christ finally defeats both witnesses.  The Anti-Christ KILLS THEM in the streets and then leaves their bodies in the streets while the world celebrates their deaths.  (How would the entire WORLD know about their deaths to celebrate it?  The internet, the media, television, radio…etc) Then, the two witnesses are denied PROPER BURIAL.  On the third day after their deaths, they would rise and the whole world would notice, after of which, a huge EARTHQUAKE WILL HIT THE REGION AND KILL 7,000.

Lets have a look here at some striking similarities:

1. Bin Laden used internet to release videos and prophecy against the imperialistic U.S. (most of those videos were MADE by the U.S., but, Bin Laden DID in fact, make a few.  Somehow, Osama was able to elude authorities with the world’s best tracking systems. (Osama wasn’t the best dresser and could easily be accused of wearing sackcloth.)

2. Gadaffi ALSO used the internet and the media to speak against the U.S. as a liar, a colonialist, and an imperialist.  Just before he died he spoke quite low of Mr. Obama.  Especially after this administration ROBBED Gadaffi and his country through Goldman and Sachs and the banking cartels. (Although Gadaffi was rich, he didn’t dress to well either.) -Recently, I want to note, we just had a bunch of earthquakes here in America that seemed to hit very strategic points near underground American military bases, as well as an attack on Forth Worth Texas involving thousands of transformers, AND a virus that seemed to infect all of our military drones causing a case of “friendly fire,” right BEFORE the War on Libya began. (although the mainstream media simply made it sound as if they were normal quakes, a second look at the areas that they struck and then a search on Google will show that each of those locations had military bases…not to mention there are people who keep track of nearly everything and then post it on the internet)  Alaska, Virginia, D.C., Southern California.  OOPS…

Russian intelligence reports Nuclear explosions hit vast US military tunnel network

It was even HEARD at a U.S. baseball game.  (initially they tried to say that it was feedback from the sound system. As as sound engineer for close to 15 years, I can tell you with absolute AUTHORITY that the noise that you hear on this video is not feedback.  Feedback is the high pitched distortion that occurs when there is interference between signals and the result is a combination by the resonance of the frequencies blending.  So…they lied…again.

This is feedback:

3. Supposedly, Bin Laden created the 911 terror attacks (which he denied), and took out the WTC the first time around.  This was such a moment of “terror” in history, that the whole world was taught and trained to HATE HIM.

4. Gadaffi, although he did nothing to harm his own people, was reported by the U.S., as killing his own people while they protested his regime.  The truth was, his people were protesting for the same reasons our people are.  Their economies went bust because a bunch of bankers intentionally sunk it, and then bet against it to make more profit.  Gadaffi was just in the process of circumventing the U.S. financial system by moving towards the Gold standard when we hit him.  Had this happened, the U.S. would have lost purchasing powers in Africa.  Regardless, the entire world was convinced that this was a killer regime that must be removed for the sake of “Global safety.”

5. Bin Laden is finally killed and denied proper burial. (May 2nd, 2011) -Massive Earthquakes begin

6. Gadaffi is killed, and denied proper burial. (Gadaffi dies Oct-20-2011) -Oct-21-2011 ( Earthquake 7.2, Turkey.  1000 dead so far and rising.) -They both are also killed in very small relative space of one another.-

7. 3 days later- October 23rd, 2011 (The Sky turns blood red all over the world.  News outlets are claiming that it was merely the Aurora, however, most Aurora lights are seen in remote areas of the poles, Alaska, and a few other select spots.  Now, it could very well be the “Aurora” as we know it and tend to explain it, but, I feel…especially after having heard my friend’s description while it was occurring, that there was something else involved. (He claimed darker beams of lighted red showed up up all through it) -Possible Ascension of Witnesses-

-I have personally seen extraordinary things in the night-sky and none of them were “naturally created phenomenon,” with the exception of a few remote experiences.

Sky turns red, seen in midwest and world-wide Oct. 23, 2011

Sky turns RED…

Red sky filmed (Aurora)

Now- Before you flip out and say “NO WAY, you’re nuts,  that was simply the Aurora and its ridiculous to think otherwise…  Not a possibility.”   Take a look at this: At the same time of this juncture in the Book of Revelations, the Anti-Christ is supposed to come up with a solution to all the world’s problems and establish a world-wide economic plan which will consist of one currency known as,”The Mark of the Beast.”  No man can buy or sell, unless he hath the mark, or the number of his name.”  Well, as it were…some very curious events happened in the THREE DAYS following Gadaffi’s death.  —Keep in mind, THIS IS THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION THAT IS ATTEMPTING THIS…Take a look—

WHOOPS! Vatican Lets Slip Plans For One World Government Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/whoops-vatican-lets-slip-plans-for-one-word-government-2011-10#ixzz1bpz4i0t7

Vatican \”supposedly\” sides with \”the people\” and claims THE PEOPLE need financial reform

Lets not forget where the Pope got his first lessons in life from:  Only in a world completely backwards could a former Nazi rise to power as the world’s most influential religious leader.  Please, don’t try to sell me the sad story that this was a mistake made by a troubled youth, or that this was the “Nazi” equivalent of “boy scouts.”  -They were TRAINED TO HATE…period.- I could also go into the fact that the Pope has been complicit in providing amnesty for pedophile priests and has been accused of this very abomination himself, WHILE getting support from the Obama Administration.

Obama administration backs Vatican in pedophile case

Pope, a former Hitler Youth…

By the way…Don’t let me forget to show you “THE METHOD,” which will be used for this…Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, THE NEW CURRENCY AND DOG COLLAR.  The RFID chip…

This isn’t a game folks (well, it kind’ve is).  But, these things are NOW being set into motion.

For those who think that this is entirely inconceivable let me ask you something…since they’ve already posed the “GLOBAL ECONOMIC PLAN,” and have shamelessly shown you the R.F.I.D. chip to get you accustomed to it, then that MUST MEAN that the witnesses would already have to be dead according to the PRESENT time line provided according to the PROPHECY.  If the witnesses weren’t Osama and Gadaffi…WHO WERE THEY???  -Who else have we killed, in THIS ADMINISTRATION AFTER the election of the “Anti-Christ representative Obama,” came into office?  Who else has all of the same qualities listed???

Seriously folks…What do you think happened on the night that the “NORWAY SPIRAL OCCURRED” while OBAMA was in there accepting the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE?  (The Anti-Christ will come in the name of PEACE, and spread wars)  Do you think that this was simply a “coincidence” that something of the magnitude of that spiral, which had NEVER previously occurred before would appear ON THE VERY NIGHT OF OBAMA’S ARRIVAL TO ACCEPT THAT PRIZE???  Put two and two together…

Norway Spiral: WATCH Strange Light In Sky Ahead Of Obama Nobel Peace Prize Speech (VIDEO)

Last, and CERTAINLY not least.  In the end times, the Anti-Christ rebuilds “The Infamous Temple” in Jerusalem.  Would you like to take a look to see who is behind THAT LITTLE PROJECT???  -Yep, the Rockefellers and the American FINANCIAL SYSTEM. -All of your banking favorites are throwing down for this one.

Rockefeller Funding the erection of Temple in Jerusalem

Kinti Mining Lmtd.\’s (KMLD) Announces Supriem David Rockefeller and the Rebuilding of the 3rd Jewish Temple in Addition to Frank Love Commencing the \”Temple Now Project\”

Other Rockefeller Funded Temples…Donated amount, $66,666

Rockefeller funding temple

Now, you can argue with me, get angry, or do whatever you choose.  But, this information has been presented to you, and for a reason.  Trust me when I say that by clicking this link, you followed an instinct…whether you know it or not.  Some of you came to argue and poke fun.  Others of you are genuinely looking for answers.  Whether you believe that I am right or wrong,   the Human Race is at a critical point where we either choose FREEDOM, or another few thousand years of slavery where your children, and their children, become increasingly more dominated by a soulless system…all because of an improper thought structure and an unwillingness to enact swiftly and PROPERLY.  I ask you now, isn’t it enough that our oceans are destroyed and that they’re taking food right out of our mouths?  How about the fact that our water supply and food are poisoned; but even worse, many of us are no longer able to enjoy dinner in our homes because they have been STOLEN.  Isn’t it enough that we have litigated all of our freedoms into the toilet?  How about the fact that we are in war after war, while our sons and daughters come home maimed and psychologically screwed for life? -This cannot be a nation of benevolence if we only bring PAIN to ourselves and OTHERS, regardless of your argument.  We either imprison these bankers, lawyers, Judges, CEOs, and Politicians like our brothers did in Iceland, or you can allow the same people who crafted this disaster provide us a solution.  If I were you, I’d choose the former, because they won’t have ANY INCENTIVES AT ALL to do the RIGHT THING.  You know it, and so do I.


-This is the same basic thread as what you just read, except it is slightly more involved and it takes you to a forum area where you can discuss it.

It really happened…This is the beginning of the Recycling (HAVE FUN)

To be helpful here, if you check a link on this page, when you’re done with it, use your back button or your back arrow button, otherwise it takes you back to the home base of the link.

Before we go any further, I want to Provide Americans a solution for all of this: Iceland IMPRISONS BANKERS and rebuilds ECONOMY (With VOLITION, it can be done here)

Bankers jailed, sued as Iceland seeks culprits for crisis

In today’s turbulent political climate, there are many PARTIES seeking to align themselves with the disenchanted American Populace for the sake of their own INHERENT SURVIVAL.  The world is now in its strongest transitional point, and it is important that we don’t repeat the same mistakes, otherwise we will find ourselves in a much worse position than before…there can be NO MORE COMPROMISES as we press forward in PEACE.  We must get PAST the two party-paradigm.  Each party has sunk this country into the ground, and trust me, Ron Paul will be nothing but a “Bait and Switch” candidate.  He’s saying all the same things Obama did in 2008 because he’s aware that this is the popular time to say them.  Are we willing to let it happen YET AGAIN???  AND YES… Ron Paul, consistently voted against the Fed for the past 30 years, but, did it ever occur to you that he might have an agenda of his own and an actual planted reason for doing so?  Is that really so hard to believe after everything that we know???  I assure you, when Ron Paul takes office…HE WILL NOT GET RID OF THE FED.  In fact, he will re-tweak federal guidelines to make the squeeze even tighter.  I’ll be brief since this is NOT about Ron Paul.  1. He will reform federal guidelines 2. He will claim that because the printing of money has gotten out of control, we will NEED to replace it. 3. We will go to a cashless, global society. 4. They will require that you have either a chip, or a card to buy or sell. 5. If you do not take the chip, you can no longer participate in the economy.  Ron Paul even stated that he had no aspirations of dissolving the fed right away.  BE CAREFUL.  NONE OF THEM CAN BE TRUSTED.  They must be weeded out an imprisoned.  This means every banker, ceo, and politician that had ANYTHING to do with the collapse.

—NOW—TO MR. OBAMA—————————————————————————————————————

I am noticing that Mr. Obama thinks that by appealing to the movement and using language which almost appears empathetic,  that he will be able to somehow gain support, and swing voters his direction by pretending that he’s been on our side all along. -He’s not on YOUR SIDE.  He’s on HIS side. And even if that means lying to the American public to temporarily pacify them until he secures office, he’ll do that VERY THING and then unleash the dogs because after re-election…THERE’S NOTHING LEFT FOR HIM TO LOSE.  Get it???

Mr. Obama attempting to empathize with OWS

ADDRESSING OBAMA: I want to say right now that, Mr. Obama, you couldn’t be more INCORRECT about this issue.  You’ve been pegged as the bought off snake that you are and there are too many paper trails which illuminate your connections and the people YOU have supported ALL ALONG.  You and Mr. Soros will be very lucky if you’re not in prison for the remainder of your lives by the time this is over and done with.  I WILL EXPEND ALL RESOURCES LETTING THE WORLD KNOW WHO YOU ARE MY FRIEND.

Don’t ever forget what this man has done to this NATION.

P.S. as one reads through these links, understand that the reasons for adding the information regarding the Sodomy/Bestiality bill is because of its inherent timing with the passage of the NDAA and indefinite detention act.  Each bill was passed a day or so apart.Not long at all.

In other words, there may be ulterior motives for the passage of this bill that exists outside the progressive thought processes that most “liberals” attach to them.  While you celebrate the idea that Obama is attempting to give out equal rights to make the U.S. a more “progressive nation,” the military has just now been given full access to treat you and your family in any way that they deem fit…this includes ALL ACCESS to your children, your wives, YOUR PETS, and your own body.  (Martial Law is the suspension of the constitution.  Therefore when it occurs…ALL BETS ARE OFF, and if they decide to take FULL advantage of you while in custody, you have no legal grounds in which to fight back.)  If you don’t believe me, go to Guantanamo Bay or Abu Ghraib and interview those poor people who were raped, tortured, and sodomized with very brutal objects while the military took pictures with demonic smiles, posing with dead bodies and stacks of naked prisoners piled on top of each other.  -Yep, that was the U.S. military that did that.  Do you believe that you’ll somehow be an exception?  That they’ll suddenly stop acting like animals just because you were born in this country?  Even worse…what if they choose a U.N. military force instead?  Yep, what if they bring in foreign troops into this country who don’t care about you and have nothing vested in providing you safety?  –Be CAREFUL in whom you place your faith– BE VERY CAREFUL…

These bills were also passed just after or during the fall of Gaddaffi in Libya.  And if you recall, the people who captured him also tortured and sodomized him on national television.  Yep, it was the The Muslim Brotherhood.  Not only were they rewarded with weapons and monetary gain from the U.S., they were also given complete control over the Libyan Government which installed Shariah Law and opened the gates of hell against the Libyan Civilian Population.  If one were industrious enough, one could easily find information which shows just how bad the Libyan people are now suffering.  Libya was once a growing and booming country with a stable population and a very high HDI (Human Development Index) as recorded by the United Nations.  It wasn’t until Goldman And Sachs stole BILLIONS upon BILLIONS from the Libyan Government and Gaddaffi himself, did Gaddaffi turn against the U.S. by attempting to unite Northern Africa under the Gold Standard via “Dinar.”  -That’s right…this news is actually ancient history.  Goldman and Sachs did to Libya the VERY same thing that they are doing against the American people…but all TOO often, the American people REFUSE to research things well enough to come to the truth of why war occurs within global politics.  -Its never about fighting for someone else’s freedom…ITS ALWAYS ABOUT THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR and absolute CONTROL.  It amazes me that all of this stuff culminates at roughly the same time, but, the majority of Americans still cannot make the connection between their failing economy, and that of the rest of the world.  Somehow, they think that they’re in some sort of impenetrable bubble where the outside world has no bearing on what occurs within the U.S. itself.  -Its very strange the way that Americans perceive things-

Here is a small list of reasons not to vote for Barack Obama in 2012:

Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military

Obama Passes Laws To Protect Pedophiles

The Types in Which Barack Obama Ensures Safety And Amnesty…

PETA bugged over bestiality in the military

US Senate To Vote On Bill That Will Allow The Military To Arrest Americans On American Soil And Hold Them Indefinitely


Obama insists on indefinite detention of Americans

Obama raises more money from Banking Cartels than any other candidate…

Barack Obama\’s Top Contributors. ( Keep in mind, this is the money that could be directly tracked from Obama’s campaign)

Obama gives foreign Corporation BP control over Gulf of Mexico and control over Coast Guard

Obama Signs in \”Preventative Detention and Approves Pre-Crime against American Citizens\”

Obama\’s further affiliations with Goldman and Sachs

Obama Administration Provides Amnesty for Pedophile Priests

Obama\’s Buddy, Tony Hayward sells off BP stocks before Deepwater Horizon Disaster

PRE-CRIME now LEGAL and Realized…

Homeland Security going ahead with Pre-Crime

Obama’s abysmal record on civil liberties

Without congressional approval or motions in the Senate, Obama sends death squads to Uganda

U.S. Citizen murdered without trial or arrest

Obama expands patriot act after telling Americans he would do away with it…

Lawmakers suing Obama over Libya

Obama Administration Arms Mexican Drug Lords (Zetas)

Obama attempts False Flag blaming Iran for attempted \”Saudi Embassador\” assassination plot. Saudi Arabia expresses doubts.

Fox News Accuses Federal Government of Terrorism (An unprecedented move by them)

Busted Mr. President, WE BELIEVE IRAN

President Barack Obama Keeps Guantanamo Bay OPEN

Obama\’s crackdown against state laws and medical marijuana

Goldman and Sachs buys off Obama

Obama caving into corporations again…

Obama threatens social security

Why is Obama Proposing MORE Corporate Tax Cuts?

Obama raises 43 Million for…

Obama plans corporate tax cuts in year of RECORD PROFITS

Obama buses in Fake Clean Up Crews for Photo Op

Obama Approves Al Qaeda Embassy In Washington (I can\’t write this stuff)

Libyan Rebel force is an Al Qaeda affiliate according to the U.N.

Obama employs AL Qaeda to do U.S. Bidding (Remember Russia during the 80\’s?)

Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy employ Al Qaeda (CIAda) to murder Libyans

Obamination\’s Broken Promises, look with your own two eyes…

Great list of Obamanation\’s broken promises…

More BROKEN promises…

Obama\’s continued FAILED policies and promises…

No stimulus for U.S. Citizens, but, all the relief in the world for Corporations

Here\’s the clincher…OBAMA allows Bank of America and JP Morgan to destroy the World.

Obama openly tells the Bankers that he will protect them…

New Obama Foreclosure Plan Helps Banks At Taxpayers\’ Expense

Obama Administration Urged to Stop Funding Child Soldiers

Obama allowing Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae to monopolize all of the mortages

Obama ensures Sharia Law In Libya…

Internet Censorship, Senate Democrats Block Vote To Overturn FCC Internet Regulations

DHS, Social Security, National Weather Service order Hollow Point Rounds (Alex Jones, but, it provides real links)

Social Security orders Hollow Point Rounds. (Alex Jones, but, it provides the real links)

DHS refuses to explain Hollow Point Purchase

Joe Biden hooks his friend up with 20 million dollars of Tax Payers Money

Soldier Suicide Rates At An All Time High

Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Are The Same Candidate…

The Government for which ALL candidates have bowed to…

Obama’s Kill List…

Obama’s Lawyer Admits Birth Certificate Forgery…

1001 reasons not to vote for Barack Obama

Obama has empowered the Federal Government’s ability to outbid American Businesses…

Obama’s empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood

Obama and the UN gun treaty…

A popular theory about Obama and Gun Control. -If one were to research this, one might find MUCH information supporting it…

Under Obama Administration, Goldman and Sachs WALK FREE OF ALL WRONGDOING regarding COLLAPSE

Obama Appoints Monsanto Vice President As Senior Advisor to FDA…Couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Obama’s List of ILLEGAL Executive Orders…(Bypassing Congress)

Obama GIVES away Alaskan Islands and Oil Reserves to Russia…(While America is diving financially)

U.S. under Obama sells 1.5 million tons of American corn to Mexico during the worst drought in U.S. history.

Emergency meeting called by U.S. in response to U.S. drought.

U.S. backed Syrian Army is Al Qaeda…FUNDED BY OBAMA

Debt grows by 11 Trillion under Obama…

Obamacare mandates the sterilization of American girls 15 and under without parental consent…

Banks are legally able to take money from customers unmolested. Thanks Obama…

State Department purges Religious Freedom from its Human Rights Reports…

Fast And Furious Eliminates Competition Against U.S. Federal Government…

More Fast and Furious. ATF used F.F. to make case for gun regulations…

Obama tries to limit military voting…

Obama wants to limit military voting rights…

Obama pays illegal immigrants to live in U.S.

DOJ moving ahead with Gun Control Measures…

Obama Hires Al Qaeda to fight against Syrian Government…


Obama supported businesses payout to wealthy executives…

Another Obama Bankruptcy

Instant Bankruptcy after Obama mentions business in speech…

Obama suggests that his supporters give their wedding gifts to Obama’s campaign…

Obama tells supporters that if HE LOSES, its the fault of the supporters…

Delaying policies until after elections…

Israel delays strike on Iran until after American Elections…(Obama)

Obama Waits Until After Elections To Layoff Pentagon Workers

Tarp delayed until after the Election

Bin Laden Movie Delayed Until After Election

Obama Delays Pipeline Decision Until After Election

Department of Labor Postpones Mass Layoffs Until After Obama Election

Russian Human Rights Reform Postponed Until After American Elections

Greek Exit Of Euro Delayed Until After Obama Election

Palestinians Must Avoid Statehood Bid Until After Election

Obama Protects Countries That Use Child Soldiers…

Obama’s advisors recommend “Death Panels.”

SCIU pays $11hr to protest Mitt Romney

House Democrats Oppose Auditing The Federal Reserve

New Subprime Crisis Manifests as Tuition Goes Into Default

Poor Business/Fiscal/Social Policies cause Succession of Sioux Indians…

More attempts for Obama to Fund the Muslim Brotherhood

White House Caught Lying About Benghazi Attack

Obama wants to OUTSOURCE more jobs.

Obama resorting to using “Madonna” for his campaign…

Obama is Monsanto’s #1 Lobbyist…

American Middle and Poor Class Income Drops Dramatically Under Obama

Obama.com OWNED by Chinese Government

Obama Soliciting Campaign Money From Foreign Nationals


This section needs to be grouped together…Obama recently remarked that he wants to do with American manufacturing what he did with General Motors.  Which means…sending our jobs, and our MONEY to China.  Take a REALLY good look…

General Motors = China Motors


Through China, GM sets sales record

U.S. Manufacturing according to Obamanomics…

General Motors headed for BANKRUPTCY AGAIN…

Barack Obama Monstanto’s NUMBER ONE LOBBYIST.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, they’re all the same.  If you support the two-party system, you will always come out with a worse result than where you began.  We have given them their chances.  It must end now.  They must be removed and we must have the courage to rebuild like our Icelandic brethren.  Its time to LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES.  By participating in their elections or voting for the big 2 (Dems/Repubs), we are submitting ourselves to accepting the RULES THAT THEY CAN BEND OR BREAK whenever it suits them.  Its time to create a new paradigm.

Thank you…

LOVE, Michael

Before we get started, I want to provide the OBVIOUS SOLUTION UP FRONT: Iceland IMPRISONS BANKERS and rebuilds ECONOMY (With VOLITION, it can be done here)

Thank you to all Unions, organizers, businesses, the Marine Corps for joining the cause and understanding what this movement is TRULY about.  The media has attempted to marginalize this effort with the same fervor as they did with the Tea Party (In which WE HAVE NO AFFILIATION).  Much of the same disinformation campaigns, rumors, and insults have surfaced, but, this time…more people have seen this tactic truly for what it is…A way for the government to continue to act with impunity and not address the systemic problems, illegal activities, and other concerns of CORRUPTION which ARE DESTROYING OUR NATION.  It’s not a matter of IF, it is happening…because the signs are now far to great for our citizens to ignore.  This protest is for every working man and woman who contribute to the functioning of this society who are now overlooked and purposefully robbed of their financial and personal independence.  If the founding fathers were alive now, I could only imagine the retribution that THEY would recommend   -LET IT BE LOUD AND CLEAR THOUGH…we DO NOT desire violence in any fashion as this is a movement that can only be achieved through LOVE and PEACE. -The people have FINALLY FIGURED OUT that they have been herded just like cattle, and sentient beings do not value slavery.  It is time to let this system of servitude collapse, otherwise the architects of it will never understand their mistakes.  It can and will be rebuilt, for the people and by the people.  No more bailouts.  No more austerity measures, unless of course, it is extracted from the bankers whom will be imprisoned, stripped of all of their finances and political affiliations.  There WILL BE NO COMFORTABLE federal prisons offered either, as it is now time to consider giving full control back to individual states and removing the Federal Government altogether.  This will NOT be a system of anarchy, it will be a system of community, sensible laws, and personal freedom.

So…The mission here should be clear and simple.  1st. WE WON’T BE CO-OPTED by anyone in the Democratic or Republican parties.  They failed us.  Those days are over.  We welcome anyone from all sides of the isles to join our cause, but, for the sake of keeping the cause pure and FOCUSED, an exercise against any partisan alignment must be practiced, for, this will be the very method in which the movement is infiltrated.   Obama failed us…Bush failed us, as did all the presidents who have existed since 1913.  2. We REQUIRE the imprisonment of the banking cartels and ANYONE who is affiliated with them either politically, or economically.  I suspect that this would require the removal of everyone within the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government.  Realistically, Its the ONLY viable solution to an ever increasing problem that will only return even more evolved just as any virus does if not purged completely.  -This is not a call for chaos, violence, or anger.-  Our economy is completely blown now, and realistically, it WILL NOT maintain itself for much longer.

Lets take a look at what these people have TRULY done BESIDES starting war after war for their own profits.

Just recently, they tried to leverage economic WAR against their own people (The Manufacturer’s and Unions) by trying to falsely manipulate China’s market.  China, in whom we depend now, did NOT take this very lightly.

China threatens trade war

Then recently, Harry Reid had to intervene…

Harry Reid Busts up Senate Floor with…

This above article outlines the harm that would have been incurred upon the remaining manufacturing base of our country had we allowed the Democratic Base to falsely manipulate China’s currency. -They see no end to how far they want to bankrupt this world.-
So, now lets look at the OTHER stuff that has been known of the banking cartels…

15 Signs that the US housing market is headed for complete and total collapse

My summary of the above link goes like this: Millions have been put out of their homes and have lost gainful employment because the economy was being falsely manipulated to fail so that it could be profited from.  It was made possible ONLY by the banking cartels.

Weather Derivatives, and betting on DISASTERS

Well, how could you really bet on the weather, unless you could INFLUENCE the conditions to make it so?  That is all the further that I will comment on that.

Goldman and Sachs PROFITS from deepwater Horizon, one day before it sinks

Now, why on earth would one find themselves MAGICALLY betting on the Deepwater Horizon ONE day before its DEMISE?  Did they have FOREKNOWLEDGE???

Betting on FAMINE

Food speculation: \’People die from hunger while banks make a killing on food\’

If you thought they couldn’t sink any further into the depths of depravity,…SURPRISE…they created conditions to where they could profit of the sick, elderly and dying…

Wall Street manipulates Death Markets

All of these are ways in which the Elite and the Banking system have profited from the United States Citizen while manipulating our entire lives through money, media, food, and corporate oligarchies which see NO END to their lusts for control and wealth.  They’ve taken our homes, our jobs, our manufacturing, and left America with no viable ways to be self sufficient.  Our “democracy” was always a REPUBLIC, and we lost our souls far before we knew what had replaced our God.  This is the rise of a Totalitarian, Fascist, State.  In fact, we’ve been in it all along.  Wake up!!!

And of course…SUBPRIME LENDING while artificially inflating and deflating markets

This is not a game to these people and they need to be removed from any influence of world economies and markets.  This may seem unrealistic to many, but, I assure you…if they are not removed in a clean NON-VIOLENT sweep by allowing their system to collapse, it will come back again and again like a virus.  NO MORE BAILOUTS or Austerity measures of any kind unless it directly affects those who engineered this collapse.  They should be stripped of ALL INCOME, ASSETS, and political affiliations.  They should be imprisoned without harm.  This should cross all partisan boundaries in one common goal.  To rebuild what we have lost because, I highly doubt we will ever be receiving reparations.

If they want a Mission Statement, I think we’ve found it.

Last, but certainly NOT LEAST, this movement should be based out of the LOVE we have for our fellow man, and not necessarily the disdain we have for the actions of the few.  Give LOVE to all.